Wednesday, September 19, 2012

ok slap me in the face!

Sorry dear and dear.. i forgot my password.. then i forgot to read all the comment... SIBUKKKKKK!!! but that is not a reason kan? kan?
goshhh.. saya mintak maaf.. baik takyah tulis blog kan? kekekekke kalau taknak jawab soalan org... but i am truly2 busy.
anyway.. let me sum up few commen answer here...

N.D said...

hi madam,sorry to randomly bother,might need ur help,do u still have the MBSA banquet's map?

if yes,can u help email me?urgently need it for wedding card. :D

- DEAR... map tu kalau u gi my entry on the dewan MBSA mmg dah ada map... boleh pakai yg itu ... :)

"What's wrong talking about cooking and babies?"

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Alia Hassan said...
salam sis... im interested your post this cookware still available or not? could u plz email me for more info. my email thanks a lot sis <3>

sorry dah habes dijual agak lama dulu.. but i am sending more tefals home... tunggu my entry ok

indah said...

salam sis.
email saya detail medela freestyle rm1250 ..

thank you.

Dear - yg RM1250 dah habes.. skrg tak sale lagi... paling murah leh dapat plus postage dlm RM1750... which i rasa kat malaysia lebih kurang kot eik??? kan? sorry.. i just read your comment.

Now ada yang tanya pasal DEWAN MBSA..
masa kita sewa... dapat dewan n kerusi meja.. and PA system. BASIC. takde lapik2... :( as far as i remember)...

:) anyway. if you have any question... boleh je email ke ... kalau2 rasa urgent nak tanya anything.. ok lovelies.... itu aje!!!

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