Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wet summer

Ok. Rain rain go away kaliq wanna play.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

What's wrong talking about cooking and babies?

Oh come on! What's wrong? When I said women exploits.. This is one of it... Mmg tak patut belittling mommies yg suka ckp pasal babies and cooking.

Yes! I mean life is somewhat bigger... But.. Ur babies ( once u dAh Ada baby Br Tau the bliss) is all that matter.

I am still an engineer... And a damn good one. :) I sm still a wife, a friend n a daughter.... But being all that will mean nothing if you tend to neglect your child. By the time they hit their twenties... They will no longer be yours...

Pastu Skrg zaman org beli bag riban2. :) boleh bawak gi umrah tu akak oiii

Pastu takde iPad malu? Oh come on!!!!! Oh oh membimbangkn wabak penyakit pompuan kat Malaysia Skrg ni

Ok dAh tu je.

Xoxo - yg masih pakai phone sabun walau gaji dAh 5 angka kekekke keke ;)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Project sushi

Feeling a little adventurous in the cooking department lately has led to me trying to make my own sushi yesterday.

I would say, ' heh - kalau senang camni mmg leh bukak kedai sushi sendiri - ecehceh...' - that's me bragging.. As usual Hahahhaha. Anyway, its really not that difficult ...

All u need to have is the right equipment and ingredient. ;) anyway... This is iykin wushi-sushi-mushi.

The price paid? Not money of course... Kaliq tertido bila I finished making the sushi. Alahai anak mummy. But I managed to cover the time last night... Played with him this morning. ;)

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Good morning

I had a wonderful time this week.. Took a one week leave and venturing down south with hubby-baby n the incredible mr.kaliq (whom currently holding me by my shoulder peeking and trying to eat this phone #haiyaaaakkkkkk!!!!).

Will update the journey.. Kekeke hula byk pending entry Sume nak update tapi tak berkesempatan. Oh well...

Anyway putting up some picture here... For keepsake.