Tuesday, April 27, 2010

tuesday: quick entry

yay!!! i am a little bit proud of myself.. managed to do the laundry from a-z meaning... (siap lipat and gosok.. ahahahhahaha with some support (1-man-cheering-squad-je) from hubby that i can complete the task! Clap clap clap... ahahahahah *gelak mcm raja jahat*

ahahahahah sikit lagi i nak quit and throw all the laundry into a genormous pile of clothes!!! ada aku kesah.. but hubby kisah.. miahahahahaha but InsyaAllah.. pasti akan berjaya!!! toilet sume dah cuci. dapur dah cuci. lantai dah mop sampai jatuh bedebuk mcm nangka busuk. bringing the cats to kemaman tomorow (abang and the gang!!! ) boleh gi vet jap in the morning.

saturday off to melaka to attend dearest uncle nyer kenduri.

my work station.. malu nak mengaku.. tapi mmg bersepah.. ahaha n nak tunjuk kat baby yang YES saya busy kekkeke *i will try to reduce my FB activities*

hehehhe im off to kemaman again tomorow for final presentation meeting an submission on the protection job, :) but before that off to salak south KTMB station for some technical meeting.. kekeke they have put a wrong transformer in the drawing.. kekekekke apa la... just wait to see what is the issue tomorow.

i am completing the interconnection study reports (2 ok.. 1 is hydro 1 is interstate interconnection)... tgh touch up a little bit on the insulation coordination part.. in the morning doc came into my office and told me to prepare some papers on harmonics.. for october power quality symposium.. hah?!! baik kali ni saya nak buat sebab tak hantar2 pun papers untuk lightning symposium in may.. tak sempat lah bos... kerja byk.. nak buat paper lagi...

and thus... that will dictate how my 2010 will look like. and i managed to peek at the new HVDC study team! and yesss!!!! i am one of them. kekekekekke.

cuma sekarang asyik masuk kol 10 je kat opis.. kekekekke semuga bos tak marah... (tapi kena kerja extra rajin and make all the report siap one week before submission chewah chewah)

Monday, April 26, 2010


ahahahah as shallow and superficial it was... i was trying to act *surprised* for this photo shot .. ahahahha and guess what it does look superficial indeed.. *muka gaya org menang award* ahahaha i loikeee... credit to adib..

anyway.. i dont have much to write lately... maybe because im busy? yet another vain statement from me. busy.. is a four letter word describing my relationship with life ... and i hope... and i pray that Allah will not let me lost and misguided from his path.. with the busy-ness im having at the moment.

oh oh last weekend i went to umie aida's sambut menantu somewhere in penang.. *actually im escorting my in-laws... it happens that tokteh .. the groom's mother is abah second cousin* and believe me... if its not because of umi and abah's obligation to relatives.. I will not go, never in a 100 years. people are pushing everywhere.. to see the 'bride'..one word to described the occasion.. CRAZY.. and i dont wish to tell any further.. better lagi lah my 3 reception wedding. All guest are treated as guest. and no 5000++ intruders (unwelcome guest) coming ruining the day. issshhh... nasib baik tokteh's ask us to be seated somewhere comfortable while waiting for the bridengroom to arrive. verdict: Im so bored with this type of wedding!!! wedding kat kampung bukit kuching kuala selangor 100 kali lagi baik.. :) eating in fine plates.. 16 jenis lauk.. ahaha and guest dihidang air + kuih+ everything that is wonderful.. urghhhh... all the relatives lagi sibuk nak melawa sementara tunggu artis sampai.. kekeke air ke kuih ke sume takde.. *i guess when you are rich manners doesnt matter anymore tapi org yang macam ni lah org hormat.. kekeke pelik.. soo pelik im not blamming tok teh... but i am blaming all the other who are responsible for the event* ahahah tu belum lagi announce nama erma fatima macam announce dia menang award utk upacara merenjis.. kekekekke and tak senyum langsung makcik ni.. muka masam ajeee.. but of course... my face pun agaknyer masam.. but i am more towards BLUNT.. dont really know what to react. last word.. ramainyer yang dtg sambut menantu.. ahahahahah whatever. semoga diberkati perkahwinan anda berdua.

i will upload some photos later.. ada 3 keping. cukuplah. buat tanda. kekekekke

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hari Ibu!!!!

hihi yup.. mother's day is just around the corner!!!!
kekekekek looking for flowers to mommy at an affordable price!

by the flower people...

its cheap plus a free delivery.. i've looked at some of the florist.. the bouquets ranges from
rm38.. hiks hiks definitely cheap!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Dewan Bankuet MBSA, Shah Alam

ok.. since ada org tanya bout my wedding nyer hall... here are some info for you lass out there...

Name: Dewan Bankuet MBSA
Location: located in the heart of shah alam (i will give you my map... at the end of this entry pada siapa2 yang nak buat kad kawen tu) easy access dari mana mana kawasan sekalipun..
Parking space: ample (senang dan byk) kalau perasan its located at the bangunan
Rental: 3.5K (plus 1K deposit) you will need to pay full (rm 4.5k) once you get the hall confirmation from MBSA. (dont be fooled by the information in the MBSA website.. its says that you have to pay 1K first followed by the full rental amount 2 weeks before the reception.. kekkeke they will ask you to pay in full rm4.5k there and then!... nasib baik haritu ada cash.. kalau tak nangis!!)
500 pax/ dewan (sitting but you can have more if its come and go!)
Contact number to check on the hall availability and booking:
03-55222762 but you will still need to go there personally to fill in some forms. and make sure you call them to check on your application status.
the interior of the hall - theme white and yellow

what you get with: 50 tables, 500 banquet chairs, rostrum, PA system (2 mic) , a technician,
things that you need to know: the lighting cannot be di
mmed and all.. ahahahha dirog takut meletop.
caterer: your own choice... :) i have 2 quotations 1- rm30/pax for 400 people (plus dais+ plus arch walkway, table piece, bunga pahar, make up, baju pengantin).. Tak termasuk lauk makan beradab.. (rm250)
The dais

*my table setting - no dome.. with white flower centre piece
ii) for catering and dais only without make up and baju rm11,305/500 pax (no dome)

card for for the hall reception: rm1.62 (bought at pasar baru bandung printed at pelabuhan klang RM1 for hot stamping)

wedding favor: box bridezilla@husbandstein Co. inside muffin from noraini's cookies (RM0.90/pcs)

PA system mmg kena sewa lain if you want to have it a little bit proper. I lost my supplier punya number.

Fresh flowers mm takleh nak harap pada wedding planner.. (kekkeke mcm tak cukup) bought another 120 dozens from cameron.
wedding walk in song : nak jalan dari main door to pelamin will take about 4 min plus.. (hihi sudah practise) http://miszdior.blogspot.com/2010/01/wedding-walk-in-song.html

:) i dont really dig songket... i have the idea of wearing chiffons etc etc.. but since hubby insist on songket.. so here goes... its ok...

aannnnndddddd here's the map! hiks hiks cant remember where i got it. but i believe dari internet jugak.. :)

Monday, April 19, 2010

kusangka kan sakit kepala sebab kerja banyak.. rupa rupanya..

kekek to date i have lost a number of spectacles due to too many unforseen circumstances (ahahhaaah its all my fault) haih.. lately i have too many reports to look at.. and reading without glasses is definitely a health hazzard!!

today, without hesitation i took my last pair of contact lens and TADAAAAAA (niat dlm hati nak simpan in case of emergency..) !!!! my headache is now gone!! definitely this answers to my headaches these past few weeks..

now, one thing that is always a problem with me and the bloody (*ooppss) contact lens is the *something in your eyes* irritating feeling.. hummmppphhh for the sake of my pounding head.. layankan saja the irritating feeling till i get my hands on those lovely spec.. *bek saya janji i will not loose it or sit on it or step on it or kekekke *


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

welcome to do-do island!.

yep.. time does flies nowadays.. and we are almost into mid-april.. soon it'll be May!!

weird entry topic today huh! hiks hiks.. (i have one entry on our activity last week.. hulu yam!! on my entry waiting list) its too long to write and i am definitely not in the mood coz im stuck in my do-do island!!

there are too many things for me to do and catch up with.. urgh.. its frustrating when you have too many things to do at one time .. and i was contemplating on many things these days.. i dont really know why.. maybe my hormones is not its best level.. or perhaps at its peak ahahahahah anyway..

going to be 30 in less than 1 month and im getting fatter each day.. consuming late night dinner with hubby!!! urgh!! no more dinner starting tomorow!! i mogok!! ahahah amik sekejap kata kata mrs erol..

so tomorrow my diet is gonna start again!!! but im feeling a wee lethargy-ish.. and why oh why is dat? it was going on so well 3 weeks ago not until the dreaded stupid work demands me to eat and eat like a crazy bunny!! (errr bunny crazy eater ke? aaaarrrhhh ada aku kesah. hiks hiks)

kenapa susah sgt nak kurang 8kg? kenapa? haih... menangis menangis.. know why? sebab im such a stubborn lady.. i am.. takde disiplin.. cry-baby and all.. ahahahah whatever.. urgh please please let me see number 5 infront of the scale instead of 6!

mood: sedih! tapi mcm tak berapa sedih.. kekekke (that answers my stubborn-ess and why i gain back that evil 1kg!!! ) nangis lagi sekali.. (kali ni i mean it)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

ulu nyam nyam..

yeah... entry ini sepatutnya ditulis dalam format karangan SPM tidak kurang dari 350 patah perkataan... errrr ahahahah lets give it a try.. (A1 BM niiiii sure boleh nyer lah)

Persatuan Warisan Ibu telah mengadakan lawatan berehat ke taman rekreasi selangor yang terletak di Ulu Yam, Selangor pada 11 April 2010. Rombongan ini terdiri daripada 4 org ahli persatuan warisan ibu dan diiringi oleh seorang guru pengiring yakni Puan Ida bersama 2 orang lagi pembantu kanan (me! me! and mekna..) kepada 2 orang ahli persatuan warisan ibu tersebut. Seawal jam 8.40 pagi lagi rombongan pertama telah bertolak dari kediaman salah seorang ahli persatuan di Kota Damansara. Perjalanan ke hulu yam mengambil masa 40 minit. Tiba-tiba!!

ahahaha gosh i gave up... anyway.. we travel in two cars that day, hubby me going with erol n kak ida... mekna was going with abg pejal and abg adi. The arrangement was for everyone to depart at their own place at 8.30 am. Erol arrived at our place approximately around 8.40-ish.. and we arrived at our meeting point the rock dam.. bout 40 mins later... with no sign of the other car..anywhere near.. ahahahah they were late.. and for the first time... iykin&dekdi.. was on time (yeah yeah.. we are the late couple.. always late for everything.. hahahah practising becoming VIPs one fine day *dream on *dream on)

believe me.. i want to write more!!! but all of the pictures are in the other laptop.. haih.. hiks hiks
hiks hiks thats us.. minus abg adi the photographer... and there's me.. trying to do some captain-planet act!!! i dont want to get started on how i hate those littering-people!! situ mkn-situ buang!! gile!

hihi... breath.. breath... i had fun!!! sgt!

Monday, April 12, 2010

bon anniversarie darling!

someone wrote this many moons ago without comprehending what was happening,

"but i believe in karma..i believe what goes around comes around..Allah knows perfectly well..=)

and now i shud just stand tall and keep my DOUBLE chins up (hehee..!) it ain't love after all,i'm pretty sure (ecehh..konfiden..!)..it's all about LUST (Intense or unrestrained sexual craving..=)..it tells..haha..!)..and how long can lust last anyway..?!"

.. i dont believe in karma, i believe in qada' and qadar.. Alhamdulillah, it lasted for almost 4 years now.. yeah we have hiccups along the way... both of us are neither a perfect human being. But, this is what written for both us.. he doesnt take much time asking me to marry him (err few times) ... there were no special proposal.. it just happened.. :) so i dont really have much to say on our relationship..

May 2007 he brought me to his hometown, engagement in April 2008, the wedding on April 2009 and now here we are April 2010.

Praying for many more April.. and I pray that Allah will guide both of us into the right path..

happy anniversary darling.

bébé heureux anniversaire!!!

(*picture taken from a friend's Facebook... original source: unknown)

i love you with all my heart.
:) and thank you for loving me too..

Friday, April 09, 2010

pulling a BIG breakfast for dearest husband...

Got this from...

Here is the recipe for the Hollandaise Sauce:
2 cups unsalted butter
6 large egg yolks
2 tablespoon fresh lemon juice
2 tablespoon water
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon white pepper

Melt butter in a heavy saucepan over moderate heat. Remove pan from heat and let stand for 3 minutes.Skim foam from top of melted butter. In a separate bowl whisk together the yolks, lemon juice, and water in another heavy saucepan until frothy. Set pan over low heat and whisk constantly and vigorously until yolks are pale yellow and slightly thickened about 3 to 4 minutes.

Remove pan from heat and gradually whisk in melted butter: drop by drop for first third of butter, then 1 teaspoon at a time for second third and 1 tablespoon at a time for final third, leaving milky solids in bottom of pan. Whisk in salt and white pepper.

btw.. eh what happened to my diet.. ??

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

hmmm hmmmm what?!!!!!

ok its sucks when you are not the cursing type. I dont used bad words, the worst thing that can came out of my mouth are 'stupid' and 'pig'. Sometimes i wish i can just curse like most people does.. but i found it 'geli' plus with my oh-so-serious personality.. i will look like a thug..

anyway.. i always lend my ear to listen and to share any problems that my friends may have.. after all... sometimes. people just need friends to be with them in the time of wary.. but it sucks.. really when people are treating your friendly gesture as something to be play around with! and i hate a word bearer..

I am flexible.. but most of the time.. i do care when people are using my name and telling things that i would never think about.. not even in my heart..

Its funny when u meant something well and people took it differently and twist it becoming another horrific stories.

be careful with your words, be careful with your action. Org baik bukan untuk dipijak.

and i will not make myself stuck in this twisted community anymore. crazy.

Monday, April 05, 2010

F1 2010

hiks hiks.. we forgot about the race this year.. since baby is too busy with his plan to take over the world.. when suddenly on Friday.. kak niza called.. you people want to go to watch F1 or not? hiks hiks.. and of course i almost yelp! and say yes!! hiks hiks.. and so we brought along najmi and ayu.. our usual F1 partner and we decided to give another pair to cikleena and abg adi. hihi we got ourself at the usual K1 grandstand.. where the first corner is..

started the day quite late.. (ehem ehem) najmi lambat bangun!!! grrr... rasa mcm nak tulis panjang2 this time around.. just uploading some pictures for keepsake. :) i love you baby!! i had a blast yesterday! cuma this year.. i tak dapat nak shopping kat mall.. next year maybe. bag ferrarri ni ok lagi.. to kakak2 ipar.. thanks for the thoughts.. selalu save us some beautiful F1 tickets.. bila tiba time nnt kena beli sendiri .. sure rasa lain hiks hiks

me, hubby and the usual f1/A1 partner.. hiks hiks ayu n najmi

us lots.

oh oh.. the result... no. 1 vettel, 2. webber 3rd nico rosberg!!!! schumacher was out at lap 10.. bohooooo sedih...
*errr next year paddock? *nudge *nudge *wink *wink

Sunday, April 04, 2010

something personal.

hiks hiks the topic sounds interesting huh? too tied up with work.. thus the relentless effort in making this blog up to date is seemingly impossible.

anyway.. my life has never been this steadily busy! i am.. soo busy with work and work ahahahaha. anyhow, i am very keen to write this entry down.. since i think this thing is kind of important.. i heard about this snooping people few days ago and here goes.

I have my personal preferences not to make a blog too transparent. Call me hypocrite.. but no i dont write anything too personal in my blog.. and anywhere else. hihi my reason is simple.. no one will understand yourself and the problem that you have other than yourself and the associated people.. so for me being too open can lead to people misjudge you and the condition. kekeke for me its not about being hypocrite or bangga diri.. mcm takde masalah... but no.. for me personal problem means personal.

I am not the person who will go through other people's life personal matter.. but if that person come to me and tell me about his or her problem.. or announced it publicly.. definitely i will make comment or give some logic advice. hihi... i have this tendency of making my opinion publicly.. i might be right and i am always wrong.. but hey... theres no harm in sharing advice.

anyway, the moral of my entry today is.. if a person is keeping one problem to themselves .. let them be... and dont go through other peoples stuff and make a remark or nasty comment about it or telling people around about it. Dah la gi korek and snooping people's personal belonging... without that person permission... siap nak make remark and comment lagi ish ish ish.. mintak dijauhkan lah this type of people from me, my love ones, my family and my friend.

:) anyway... cant wait for tomorrow's F1.. see you in sepang!!!!