Monday, April 26, 2010


ahahahah as shallow and superficial it was... i was trying to act *surprised* for this photo shot .. ahahahha and guess what it does look superficial indeed.. *muka gaya org menang award* ahahaha i loikeee... credit to adib..

anyway.. i dont have much to write lately... maybe because im busy? yet another vain statement from me. busy.. is a four letter word describing my relationship with life ... and i hope... and i pray that Allah will not let me lost and misguided from his path.. with the busy-ness im having at the moment.

oh oh last weekend i went to umie aida's sambut menantu somewhere in penang.. *actually im escorting my in-laws... it happens that tokteh .. the groom's mother is abah second cousin* and believe me... if its not because of umi and abah's obligation to relatives.. I will not go, never in a 100 years. people are pushing everywhere.. to see the 'bride' word to described the occasion.. CRAZY.. and i dont wish to tell any further.. better lagi lah my 3 reception wedding. All guest are treated as guest. and no 5000++ intruders (unwelcome guest) coming ruining the day. issshhh... nasib baik tokteh's ask us to be seated somewhere comfortable while waiting for the bridengroom to arrive. verdict: Im so bored with this type of wedding!!! wedding kat kampung bukit kuching kuala selangor 100 kali lagi baik.. :) eating in fine plates.. 16 jenis lauk.. ahaha and guest dihidang air + kuih+ everything that is wonderful.. urghhhh... all the relatives lagi sibuk nak melawa sementara tunggu artis sampai.. kekeke air ke kuih ke sume takde.. *i guess when you are rich manners doesnt matter anymore tapi org yang macam ni lah org hormat.. kekeke pelik.. soo pelik im not blamming tok teh... but i am blaming all the other who are responsible for the event* ahahah tu belum lagi announce nama erma fatima macam announce dia menang award utk upacara merenjis.. kekekekke and tak senyum langsung makcik ni.. muka masam ajeee.. but of course... my face pun agaknyer masam.. but i am more towards BLUNT.. dont really know what to react. last word.. ramainyer yang dtg sambut menantu.. ahahahahah whatever. semoga diberkati perkahwinan anda berdua.

i will upload some photos later.. ada 3 keping. cukuplah. buat tanda. kekekekke

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