Monday, April 05, 2010

F1 2010

hiks hiks.. we forgot about the race this year.. since baby is too busy with his plan to take over the world.. when suddenly on Friday.. kak niza called.. you people want to go to watch F1 or not? hiks hiks.. and of course i almost yelp! and say yes!! hiks hiks.. and so we brought along najmi and ayu.. our usual F1 partner and we decided to give another pair to cikleena and abg adi. hihi we got ourself at the usual K1 grandstand.. where the first corner is..

started the day quite late.. (ehem ehem) najmi lambat bangun!!! grrr... rasa mcm nak tulis panjang2 this time around.. just uploading some pictures for keepsake. :) i love you baby!! i had a blast yesterday! cuma this year.. i tak dapat nak shopping kat mall.. next year maybe. bag ferrarri ni ok lagi.. to kakak2 ipar.. thanks for the thoughts.. selalu save us some beautiful F1 tickets.. bila tiba time nnt kena beli sendiri .. sure rasa lain hiks hiks

me, hubby and the usual f1/A1 partner.. hiks hiks ayu n najmi

us lots.

oh oh.. the result... no. 1 vettel, 2. webber 3rd nico rosberg!!!! schumacher was out at lap 10.. bohooooo sedih...
*errr next year paddock? *nudge *nudge *wink *wink

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