Wednesday, April 07, 2010

hmmm hmmmm what?!!!!!

ok its sucks when you are not the cursing type. I dont used bad words, the worst thing that can came out of my mouth are 'stupid' and 'pig'. Sometimes i wish i can just curse like most people does.. but i found it 'geli' plus with my oh-so-serious personality.. i will look like a thug..

anyway.. i always lend my ear to listen and to share any problems that my friends may have.. after all... sometimes. people just need friends to be with them in the time of wary.. but it sucks.. really when people are treating your friendly gesture as something to be play around with! and i hate a word bearer..

I am flexible.. but most of the time.. i do care when people are using my name and telling things that i would never think about.. not even in my heart..

Its funny when u meant something well and people took it differently and twist it becoming another horrific stories.

be careful with your words, be careful with your action. Org baik bukan untuk dipijak.

and i will not make myself stuck in this twisted community anymore. crazy.

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