Wednesday, April 14, 2010

welcome to do-do island!.

yep.. time does flies nowadays.. and we are almost into mid-april.. soon it'll be May!!

weird entry topic today huh! hiks hiks.. (i have one entry on our activity last week.. hulu yam!! on my entry waiting list) its too long to write and i am definitely not in the mood coz im stuck in my do-do island!!

there are too many things for me to do and catch up with.. urgh.. its frustrating when you have too many things to do at one time .. and i was contemplating on many things these days.. i dont really know why.. maybe my hormones is not its best level.. or perhaps at its peak ahahahahah anyway..

going to be 30 in less than 1 month and im getting fatter each day.. consuming late night dinner with hubby!!! urgh!! no more dinner starting tomorow!! i mogok!! ahahah amik sekejap kata kata mrs erol..

so tomorrow my diet is gonna start again!!! but im feeling a wee lethargy-ish.. and why oh why is dat? it was going on so well 3 weeks ago not until the dreaded stupid work demands me to eat and eat like a crazy bunny!! (errr bunny crazy eater ke? aaaarrrhhh ada aku kesah. hiks hiks)

kenapa susah sgt nak kurang 8kg? kenapa? haih... menangis menangis.. know why? sebab im such a stubborn lady.. i am.. takde disiplin.. cry-baby and all.. ahahahah whatever.. urgh please please let me see number 5 infront of the scale instead of 6!

mood: sedih! tapi mcm tak berapa sedih.. kekekke (that answers my stubborn-ess and why i gain back that evil 1kg!!! ) nangis lagi sekali.. (kali ni i mean it)

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