Monday, April 12, 2010

bon anniversarie darling!

someone wrote this many moons ago without comprehending what was happening,

"but i believe in karma..i believe what goes around comes around..Allah knows perfectly well..=)

and now i shud just stand tall and keep my DOUBLE chins up (hehee..!) it ain't love after all,i'm pretty sure (ecehh..konfiden..!)'s all about LUST (Intense or unrestrained sexual craving..=) tells..haha..!)..and how long can lust last anyway..?!"

.. i dont believe in karma, i believe in qada' and qadar.. Alhamdulillah, it lasted for almost 4 years now.. yeah we have hiccups along the way... both of us are neither a perfect human being. But, this is what written for both us.. he doesnt take much time asking me to marry him (err few times) ... there were no special proposal.. it just happened.. :) so i dont really have much to say on our relationship..

May 2007 he brought me to his hometown, engagement in April 2008, the wedding on April 2009 and now here we are April 2010.

Praying for many more April.. and I pray that Allah will guide both of us into the right path..

happy anniversary darling.

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