Sunday, April 04, 2010

something personal.

hiks hiks the topic sounds interesting huh? too tied up with work.. thus the relentless effort in making this blog up to date is seemingly impossible.

anyway.. my life has never been this steadily busy! i am.. soo busy with work and work ahahahaha. anyhow, i am very keen to write this entry down.. since i think this thing is kind of important.. i heard about this snooping people few days ago and here goes.

I have my personal preferences not to make a blog too transparent. Call me hypocrite.. but no i dont write anything too personal in my blog.. and anywhere else. hihi my reason is simple.. no one will understand yourself and the problem that you have other than yourself and the associated people.. so for me being too open can lead to people misjudge you and the condition. kekeke for me its not about being hypocrite or bangga diri.. mcm takde masalah... but no.. for me personal problem means personal.

I am not the person who will go through other people's life personal matter.. but if that person come to me and tell me about his or her problem.. or announced it publicly.. definitely i will make comment or give some logic advice. hihi... i have this tendency of making my opinion publicly.. i might be right and i am always wrong.. but hey... theres no harm in sharing advice.

anyway, the moral of my entry today is.. if a person is keeping one problem to themselves .. let them be... and dont go through other peoples stuff and make a remark or nasty comment about it or telling people around about it. Dah la gi korek and snooping people's personal belonging... without that person permission... siap nak make remark and comment lagi ish ish ish.. mintak dijauhkan lah this type of people from me, my love ones, my family and my friend.

:) anyway... cant wait for tomorrow's F1.. see you in sepang!!!!

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