Tuesday, April 27, 2010

tuesday: quick entry

yay!!! i am a little bit proud of myself.. managed to do the laundry from a-z meaning... (siap lipat and gosok.. ahahahhahaha with some support (1-man-cheering-squad-je) from hubby that i can complete the task! Clap clap clap... ahahahahah *gelak mcm raja jahat*

ahahahahah sikit lagi i nak quit and throw all the laundry into a genormous pile of clothes!!! ada aku kesah.. but hubby kisah.. miahahahahaha but InsyaAllah.. pasti akan berjaya!!! toilet sume dah cuci. dapur dah cuci. lantai dah mop sampai jatuh bedebuk mcm nangka busuk. bringing the cats to kemaman tomorow (abang and the gang!!! ) boleh gi vet jap in the morning.

saturday off to melaka to attend dearest uncle nyer kenduri.

my work station.. malu nak mengaku.. tapi mmg bersepah.. ahaha n nak tunjuk kat baby yang YES saya busy kekkeke *i will try to reduce my FB activities*

hehehhe im off to kemaman again tomorow for final presentation meeting an submission on the protection job, :) but before that off to salak south KTMB station for some technical meeting.. kekeke they have put a wrong transformer in the drawing.. kekekekke apa la... just wait to see what is the issue tomorow.

i am completing the interconnection study reports (2 ok.. 1 is hydro 1 is interstate interconnection)... tgh touch up a little bit on the insulation coordination part.. in the morning doc came into my office and told me to prepare some papers on harmonics.. for october power quality symposium.. hah?!! baik kali ni saya nak buat sebab tak hantar2 pun papers untuk lightning symposium in may.. tak sempat lah bos... kerja byk.. nak buat paper lagi...

and thus... that will dictate how my 2010 will look like. and i managed to peek at the new HVDC study team! and yesss!!!! i am one of them. kekekekekke.

cuma sekarang asyik masuk kol 10 je kat opis.. kekekekke semuga bos tak marah... (tapi kena kerja extra rajin and make all the report siap one week before submission chewah chewah)

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