Thursday, July 31, 2008

thursday! adik masuk ward

my adik was diagnosed with toxoplasma-ish isospora gastrointestinal parasites! haih sian kat adik.. tadi dr. put her on drip! she looked very tired.. but hopefully the treatment is on time.. but dr said please bear in mind that she might not make it.. aaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! i was about to cry! but i need to be brave for adik and for the fact that i need to go back to the course!

anyway! i am so sorry for adik.. i shud have taken her to the clinic yesterday! hope its not too late!

today is the last day of the pscad/emtdc course.. well hopefully they will gain much knowledge altho i have to admit.. they had some serius case of CRASH course.. sian gak tgk uncle2 tuh struggle.. but hey.. they can do it

i myself are struggling... HOW am I GONNA concentrate on MY MASTER.. whne my work has taken most of my days!! aaaaaaa....... just take today for an exmaple...

boss: you have completed the frequency scanning?
me: *smile proudly.. yup yesterday itself (see course and doing study at the same time...)
boss: how do you model the impedances...
me: what? what impedance?
boss: do you take directly from pscad translated model..
me: yeah! just like the usual!
boss: ermm i want a new want i want you to model all the long lines.. PLUS all the short lines are to be frequency dependent. and err what time is our meeting tomorow..
me: ok. 10 am. (when the truth i was yelling!! why dont you tell me earlier!! i did 30 contingency cases!! 30!!! up to n-3!) aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

guess my nite will fill with modelling!! ^%*^%*^£(

cemana nak study!! HOw am i going to study... when i have too many things to do!!!!!!! sometimes i ask myself.. what are the others for? when only some of us have to work very hard for the company!! but then again.. when we work.. we should not ask such stupid question! aha.. so i guess the question will just end here...

i should be grateful i have work to do! meaning i have job! and i earn my living.. haih.. bestnyer kalau takyah kerja!!..

bek... saya nak pencen awal... hiks hiks and semoga cita cita kamu untuk saya tidak perlu bekerja full time menjadi kenyataan.. amin amin amin...

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


*yawn* .. i feel like procrastinating! 3 days without my baby!!! hukhukhuk anyway.. i am off to kuantan on the 8th! ... then comeback on th th or 10 tgk mana rajin!

miahahahhahahaha errrr... bebek!!! i'm bored!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

tuesday! and the meeting was okay

had meeting with t++ and the rest of the suppliers.. it seems that the main contractor fail to pay everyone!! and that T++ has to take the project in their own hands..!! to tell you the truth! it is very dissapointing when you are not paid for the job you'd done.. but basically.. the meeting was very promising!!! hiks hiks.. then i'm off to kuantan for 2 days measurement... (all travlling and coming back... i have to produce a report within 1 week!!) errkkk but its gonna be one of the last measurement!!!

i miss my baby sooo much!!! aaaaaaaaaa pensan! pensan!!!

Monday, July 28, 2008

monday!!! and baby.. saya rindu kamu!

another lonely days without my baby!! shucks i hate being away from him... anyway.. tu lah baby kata.. nak mencari rezeki.. and i really have to let him go! its not that he is million mile away! (errr but kemaman i surely far2 away from klang!!!) he usually will spent his evening with me.. and we'll depart after dinner everyday!! 2 weeks of lonely dinner.. nampaknyer tak makan mlm lah mcm ni... i hate eating alone..

anyways... i got something from baby so that i wouldnt fell sick again!! dah lipat elok2 dah bek.. hiks hiks...

anyway.. batuk macam tak nak jadik baik... but i will do anything i can to recover before this weekend!! hiks hiks saya mau makan deroyan!!! deroyan!!!! altho.. i have to admit.. the thought of travelling ngan kak nor and abg nik!! (bebek!!! mcm mana kalau diorg interrogate saya? how? how?)

anyway... bek... since kamu takde nih.. i take the opportunity tu survey my kasut!!! hiks hiks... owh and zuk's wedding will be on the 24th.. hopefully by then kan bek... ur job dah siap... (but if you are taking the one in KT nampaknyer.. kene plan lah kan...)

owh owh... baby dah besar.. dah 3.8kG hiks hiks (altho lagi ringan dari my fat cat.. but alhamdulillah.. tanda2 he is growing out well)... best giler dapat baby!!! hikss hiks.. i'm a proud aunty! and dah tukar nama... muhammad adhwa afeef.. (aaaaa kenapa? kenapa?.. ikram daniel was fine) tapi ye la kan.. mommy dia nak sgt nama adhwa tu... ikut korang la hiks hiks...

Friday, July 25, 2008

its FriMON

well its my FriMON-day... 3 days of monday.. well to be frank to myself.. yesterday was my sunday! ahaks got surperais from my baby! He is coming back TODAY!! yeay!! i got to see my baby.. atlast....

i am searching for class 1 surge arrester over the net!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

bila engkau jauh

Sedapnya hati tidak jemu

Tak sabar bermanja

Hanya sehari tak bertemu

Macam selamanya

Rindukan tawamu

Yang menyegarkanku

Aku tersiksa dengan sendu

Bila engkau jauh

Bila terasa sentuhanmu

Aku terus sembuh

Aku bermimpi

Riang terbang

Pagi sampai senja

Cinta dihati sudah kembang untuk engkau saja

Tidur atau jagaRindu sentiasa
Sampai terbalik seluruh duniaku

Hanya satu yang kupinta

Jangan tinggalkan daku

Aku merayu oh kekasih

Belailah hatiku

Bilaku layu lagi sedih

Curahlah kasihmu

Kau dakaplah aku

Sembuhkan piluku

Jika kau rasa sepertiku

Bila aku jauh

Biarlah dua jadi satu

Bersama selalu

Hanya kau dan aku

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

babyku jauh nun disana!

aaaaaa... things that i hate the most next to tebotw is having my baby away!! i hate being separated this way!!! i hate that i miss him soo much.. so where is my baby? he is sumwhere in dadong.. errr cheneh.. err ulu mana mana ntah.... jadik mcm bob the builder!!... not a multi million project.. tapi alhamdulillah laa... able to keep on going!!! ... haih bila lah nak dapat project longkang dja.. miahahahahahah

so.. i misses him.. and the fever i'm having is not helping at all. Been to the office today!! with loads!! LOADS! of work piling waiting for me to clear!! yucks!!! i hate wednesday with a stint of monday!! wednesday should be fun!! fun!! its like 2 days to friday!! and here i am... feeling MONDAY....

oh i miss my baby too much!! if i could just tell him (yeah i have told him thru sms's phone calls ym... smoke signals... morse codes.. i guess he got the message!!)


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

my baby pink drowned*

my first birthday gift!! it was my first love... and it was perfect.. its PINK.. it's slim.. and the most important thing is.. its from my love!! and there it was.. lying helplessly.. at the bottom of the toiletbowl...... i stood watching while trying very hard not to pee!!!!!! damnation*&(*^*..
last person whom i know that loses his phone in the same tragic manner is Ching!!! and i think i laughed at him!! urghhh now when it does happened to me... i think i knew how ching had felt... aiya!!!!

double damnation!!! i cant help but feeling miserable over the matter.. now i am a proud borrower(err.. ada ke borrower) of baby blackie..

i am so sorry baby!! thank god you are soo cool about it... tho i think he might have pinched me.. but he didnt... instead he choose today to say thats the price of not listening to his advice..aiyaaaa.. i am indeed miserable!

anyway.. finish two days course on reliability.. again... i am feeling weary (just knowing that there are papers on power system equipemnt evaluation using FORM) erk!!!!! triple damnation***

i need to keep calm now!!! i will be prepared for it.. i will... and i will try my very best!!

hiks hiks owh btw.. i think i want to do my PhD in BATH... hiks hiks

Friday, July 11, 2008

good one! hiks hiks

A British airways flight was going to Teheran from London . When it gets close to Teheran it starts having some kind of trouble. The pilot contacts the air tower at Teheran airport and asks for help:

"Teheran, this is Captain Smith, British Airways flight 000, do you read?"
"flight 000, dis iz tehran felight contorol, go ahead"
"teheran , this is flight 000, we have a problem"
"dis iz tehran , vat kind of peroblem?"
"this is flight 000, we have lost power to our engines, please advise"
"dis iz tehran , I reed you, peleez check some things for me, ok?"
"this is flight 000, go ahead"
"dis iz tehran , can you get emergency power to your engines?"
"this is flight 000, negative, no power is available"
"dis iz tehran , can you peleez bering your altitude to 20,000 feet?"
"this is flight 000, negative, our wing controls do not respond"
"dis iz tehran , can you peleez see if you can lower your veels?"
"this is flight 000, negative, landing gears are stuck"
"dis iz tehran , would you peleez repeet thez words after me"
"this is flight 000, go ahead"
"dis iz Tehran , repeat thez words peleez: Ashado ala elahailallah wa ashado an Mohammadan rasul Allah"

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

aaaaa..... my dream shoes

*droolll.... droolll haih.... *droolll

owkay... owkay ... i really cant get my hand off blogging!! hiks hiks... and i will keep my promises to baby!!! i will avoid writing with negative intention! well, i really need to practise listening to him now! one cannot disobey one husband right (yep in the future)?... i knoe he will not mendle in my business when he thinks its not necessary for him... but i saw him once, grew utterly tired of one incident where he was the one who stood by me! so i guess i will try to let bygone be bygone!
cantek nyer!!
i really cant help myself from writing this entry!! i just want to write about my dream shoes!...

my dream shoes are nike women air kukini... i was in love with that shoes back in year 2003 i guess... it was pink in colour with a spider-wee web .. haih... too bad i cant afford to buy those shoes back then which costs a fortune (i wont spent 400++ for a pair of shoes) .. and it was fated.. mommy bought me an esprit mary jane shoes the week earlier which costs her rm360 and she avoided my endless begging conversation for another one!!!

and today.. when i can afford to get my own air kukini.. its no more in production!!! aaaaaaaaa when money cant buy you anything huh!!! i saw an article describing my kukini... you must agree with me... its the most beautiful running shoes EVAH!!!!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

snip snip

i presumed many has read the article i posted yesterday! anyway, i was hoping that atleast i cud show many to understand how to become a great leader. Tun is not perfect.. but he is a living example of a succesful, brialliant and effective leader!

kekekke.... for me... i will try to be like tun.. to understand fully on certain problem that i am not sure about before making any decision... it'll help to atleast stop me from making stupid decision! or before i go jumping here and there, shouting,... and demonstrating wrld class act - breathing heavily as tho i was suffocating.. for a problem that doesnt involve me in any way!!! i will never forget that day in my life... it will be forever told in my family for generation.. a big no-no moral story.. nuff said..