Monday, July 28, 2008

monday!!! and baby.. saya rindu kamu!

another lonely days without my baby!! shucks i hate being away from him... anyway.. tu lah baby kata.. nak mencari rezeki.. and i really have to let him go! its not that he is million mile away! (errr but kemaman i surely far2 away from klang!!!) he usually will spent his evening with me.. and we'll depart after dinner everyday!! 2 weeks of lonely dinner.. nampaknyer tak makan mlm lah mcm ni... i hate eating alone..

anyways... i got something from baby so that i wouldnt fell sick again!! dah lipat elok2 dah bek.. hiks hiks...

anyway.. batuk macam tak nak jadik baik... but i will do anything i can to recover before this weekend!! hiks hiks saya mau makan deroyan!!! deroyan!!!! altho.. i have to admit.. the thought of travelling ngan kak nor and abg nik!! (bebek!!! mcm mana kalau diorg interrogate saya? how? how?)

anyway... bek... since kamu takde nih.. i take the opportunity tu survey my kasut!!! hiks hiks... owh and zuk's wedding will be on the 24th.. hopefully by then kan bek... ur job dah siap... (but if you are taking the one in KT nampaknyer.. kene plan lah kan...)

owh owh... baby dah besar.. dah 3.8kG hiks hiks (altho lagi ringan dari my fat cat.. but alhamdulillah.. tanda2 he is growing out well)... best giler dapat baby!!! hikss hiks.. i'm a proud aunty! and dah tukar nama... muhammad adhwa afeef.. (aaaaa kenapa? kenapa?.. ikram daniel was fine) tapi ye la kan.. mommy dia nak sgt nama adhwa tu... ikut korang la hiks hiks...

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