Wednesday, July 23, 2008

babyku jauh nun disana!

aaaaaa... things that i hate the most next to tebotw is having my baby away!! i hate being separated this way!!! i hate that i miss him soo much.. so where is my baby? he is sumwhere in dadong.. errr cheneh.. err ulu mana mana ntah.... jadik mcm bob the builder!!... not a multi million project.. tapi alhamdulillah laa... able to keep on going!!! ... haih bila lah nak dapat project longkang dja.. miahahahahahah

so.. i misses him.. and the fever i'm having is not helping at all. Been to the office today!! with loads!! LOADS! of work piling waiting for me to clear!! yucks!!! i hate wednesday with a stint of monday!! wednesday should be fun!! fun!! its like 2 days to friday!! and here i am... feeling MONDAY....

oh i miss my baby too much!! if i could just tell him (yeah i have told him thru sms's phone calls ym... smoke signals... morse codes.. i guess he got the message!!)


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