Tuesday, July 01, 2008

snip snip

i presumed many has read the article i posted yesterday! anyway, i was hoping that atleast i cud show many to understand how to become a great leader. Tun is not perfect.. but he is a living example of a succesful, brialliant and effective leader!

kekekke.... for me... i will try to be like tun.. to understand fully on certain problem that i am not sure about before making any decision... it'll help to atleast stop me from making stupid decision! or before i go jumping here and there, shouting,... and demonstrating wrld class act - breathing heavily as tho i was suffocating.. for a problem that doesnt involve me in any way!!! i will never forget that day in my life... it will be forever told in my family for generation.. a big no-no moral story.. nuff said..

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