Wednesday, July 09, 2008

aaaaa..... my dream shoes

*droolll.... droolll haih.... *droolll

owkay... owkay ... i really cant get my hand off blogging!! hiks hiks... and i will keep my promises to baby!!! i will avoid writing with negative intention! well, i really need to practise listening to him now! one cannot disobey one husband right (yep in the future)?... i knoe he will not mendle in my business when he thinks its not necessary for him... but i saw him once, grew utterly tired of one incident where he was the one who stood by me! so i guess i will try to let bygone be bygone!
cantek nyer!!
i really cant help myself from writing this entry!! i just want to write about my dream shoes!...

my dream shoes are nike women air kukini... i was in love with that shoes back in year 2003 i guess... it was pink in colour with a spider-wee web .. haih... too bad i cant afford to buy those shoes back then which costs a fortune (i wont spent 400++ for a pair of shoes) .. and it was fated.. mommy bought me an esprit mary jane shoes the week earlier which costs her rm360 and she avoided my endless begging conversation for another one!!!

and today.. when i can afford to get my own air kukini.. its no more in production!!! aaaaaaaaa when money cant buy you anything huh!!! i saw an article describing my kukini... you must agree with me... its the most beautiful running shoes EVAH!!!!

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