Monday, November 22, 2010

hihi... moving towards the last month of 2010

time really flies nowadays.. looking at the calendar... We are almost into December.. in one week or so..

hihi.. i want to clean up my office... but still takde idea macam mana nak susun bilik nih.. *sigh*

and so i have lined up few books to read.. starting with
1. Protection of Electrical NEtwork
2. Power system stability
3. Handbook of electrical transients analysis..

and perhaps.. i could come up with a good problem statement for my master thesis... Its time to hit the book again.. me likey likey... and do some filter design using PSCAD...

hmmm looking for next month.. :))

Thursday, November 18, 2010


aidiladha with family is indeed a joyous event.. :)

this year.. celebrated with mommy and umi n abah.. hihi...
alhamdulillah.. my second raya haji.. with hubby baby.. counting for many more.. Insyallah.

hihi UPSR and A's

:) i have too many back log entries actually... starting from the day the announced the UPSR result last two weeks.. how time flies.. and i was tight up with work and reports.. *uffff.... good news.. i am off the hooked.. no more reports or study for year 2010* from now onwards.. i just want to do some light reading and practice on some simulation skills... anyway.. lets do some writing here here eih..

UPSR - is it important how many A's your children scored?

Yes!.. it is important that high achievers are trained from an early age.. its important for them to score as many A's as they can. its important but its not a must. My grandmother can only accept A's in my report card.. from day 1 in school. I must be placed in the first class, i must have all A's in my report card.. and i must be on top of my class. Which resulting into of many of her trip to school... kekeke asking teachers.. bout soo many things..

I dont know if i can be like her, taking relentless trip to school making sure that her grand children are nurtured to be among the best.

anyway, high achievers.. are nurtured and its not hundred percent comes natural. I want my children to have as many A's as they can. Discussion with hubs.. A means that they understand the subject very well and work hard to understand it, B means they understand the subject but does not memorized during examination, C mean they are putting very little effort to understand and D means their lazy.. kikikikikik

i dont want to lie to my children.. unless i have backup plans (in the form of a gold mine for each of them) .. they have to realize that, life is full of test.. and making an effort to achieve the very best is indeed important :) .. and i dont want to be selfish.. overprotecting children from the real world is a selfish-act. hihi.. its a personal statement and personal opinion... as i said before.. i cannot afford to leave them with a goldmine.. and someday.. i will leave this world.... I want my children to be able to live with pride and dignity.


Saturday, November 13, 2010

cake boss

omg! alahai cake boss selalu je lepas tgk ko kat TLC.. mesti terus kepingin makan something sweet!

last time it got me drooling for cream puff... and today.. it make me goes ga-ga over CAKE! strawberries.. urgh.. and cream and icing.. ish ish..

so today.. i prepared chicken kebab wrap in tortilla for dinner.. :)
very lazy to snap any picture.. but its lovely! and the chicken cooked just nice! not too dry.. and its perfectly cooked (*eceh.. puji diri sendiri...*)

anyway.. mana lagi nak dapat cake yang sedap.. terus off to secret recepi.. :) tapi too bad takde chocolate strawberry... yang ada chocolate banana.. hihi bolehlah.. as usual.. malas nak jadi org yang leceh.. sebab kalau jadi org yang leceh... maka my life pun akan leceh... hiks hiks

:) went to a warehouse sale today... OMG!!!! gila betul!!!! malaysian mmg suka gi warehouse sale... ramai gile kaum2 ibu yang rakus.. ish ish ish... i just buy things that i need... and went back.. takdelah nak gila2 borong.. dgn... perasaan ni beli dulu mana tau nnt2 nak pakai... hihihi i never do that even tgh time byk duit..

anyway.. the sale sgt worth it... first time beli brg munchkin... kekekeke sampai tak reti nak beli apa..

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

mari masak2 bersama pn dior...

:) ok 2 3 hari ni mmg tak berapa nk lalu makan nasi atau mende mende yang berlemak.. nak makan pedas.. heartburn lah pulak... *sigh*

jadinyer smlm buat spicy chicken *ala mexican* kekekek nama je pedas tapi takde lah pedas pun

beli chicken fillet.. pastu marinate with cumin powder n paprika n oil... lepas tu grill... ha siap.. nak sedap beli ban or tortilla bread.. buat coleslaw pastu makan mcm makan kebab.. hihihi sambil2 tunggu ayam siap marinate bancuh cream caramel.. kukus cream caramel pakai rice cooker ajer...

mlm ni pulak masak fettuccine carbonara .. lagi senang!.. beli fettuccine.. beli carbonara instant dari prego.. kekekeke i have the recipe malas nak cuba lagi.. pakai instant aje.. abes cite..

ok dua dua tak sempat nak amik gambar sebab dah kena nom nom nom...

taktaulah dah esok nak makan apa... penatnyer pikir

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

its time to leave the past and start fresh!!

its time to leave all the negativity and bad vibes behind and start fresh.. with less excuses and sluggishness...

Monday, November 08, 2010


like usual... bglah 3 hari ke 4 hari ke.. my weekend still macam tak cukup.. bak kata hubby-baby.. takdan nak buat apa apa... ihiks..

on friday tu sempat lah buat project scrapbook.. bab gunting2 kertas ni serahkan aje.. kat saya! ihiks.. i'm an avid craftmaker... and i am very proud of the result hubby baby pon suke aje... ngeeee

then mlm buat dinner sket untuk baby... mushroom soup, garlic bread and jacket potato... :) makasan omputeh! why? because we are tired of the same nasi nasi and nasi...

the next day... woke up .. basuh2 baju.... siap siap... hihi minggu ni tido klang! yeay! plus siap2 mlm ada dinner IEEE .. mlm org2 elektrik.. hiks hiks.. before that went to visit kak nor jap.. amik baju batik... (hmmm baju baby tak siap lagi.. jadi kak nor bg je baju batik yang dia ada.. quite nice actually) but i prefer the one that i bought for the nikah present... cantik bgt... tak sabar nak baju tu siap, that evening gi pasar mlm kat klang beli something untuk di nom nom nom.. *again! of things that make me happy*.. balik dr dinner kt bluewave tu terkejar2 sbb nk tgk bola.. heeeeeeeee *of things that make me happy all the taim*

on sunday pulak sibuk buat hantaran planning untuk my cousin bib... getting engaged in December insyallah... byk lah mende yang planning2 ni ...

ni kire baru framework.. since the theme is actually turquoise.. hihi bukan blue turquoise tapi greenish turquoise.. in which mmg takde lah jual reben nyer di mana 2 cawangan sayangku... lapik dulang tu nnt kitorg re-bead... tukarkan bead kaler turquoise... then pakai je bunga stokin sebab senang sikit nak bawak travel ke melaka tuh... but for the sireh junjung we will surely used fresh cut flowers :)

balik dr klang... terus lepak2 jap... gosok 2 baju hubby baby sambil tengok arsenal kalah.. bohooo!!! nangis.. bgn2 dah monday! *sigh*

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

blowing kiss

love is..


hiks hiks.. felt like blowing hubby-baby a kiss this morning..
so here goes..

muahsssss!!! *flip flip flap... kisses flying to find mr.hubby*

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

dream big.

:) i was raised by grandparents.. for as long as i can remember..
I have never been taught that money is everything...
but when time passes by... and school and friends came along... i started to have this ambition..

To study hard and be the best among the rest with hope that someday.. i can repay my grandparents deed.. but of course.. one cannot pay the unmeasurable price of love and care... and of course.. i need to work for living... not like any other that can turn to parents whenever they have problems.. i have none.. (at fifteen and you have never met either your mom or dad... you'll be thinking the same)

to look back into the years.. I have managed to achieved whatever i have planned so far..
went to boarding school.. (i registered myself.. went for the exam myself.. everything.. at the age of 15.. i went to the local ministry of education office etc)... then uni years... after 1 vice chancellor award and 1 scholarship to study abroad .. i managed to get myself a job.. hihi alhamdulillah... I am able to repay my *NOT my grandparents... too bad they have past away.. long before i went to uni..* mother...

and today... i wonder.. why do i have stop achieving things? i tend to slow down a bit.. and enjoying life *perhaps* my master thesis is down the drain because im too tight up with other studies... i am one year away (that is twelve months away before i can get my Ir-ship) .. sigh... I'm bored... I need challenge..

maybe a career change?

whatever it is... i refused to become ordinary.

but maybe this pause is good.. Allah has planned it all. (i have managed to reached some milestone in life..getting married! and be my hubby sort of catalyst more of a critique actually.. ngeeee! go baby!!!) .. looking forward for a good year.. 2011.. will be a good year for me Insyallah..

p/s: last month managed to get another debt settled.. yippeee... alhamdulillah.. sikit2 i'll be in my financial free world.