Thursday, November 18, 2010

hihi UPSR and A's

:) i have too many back log entries actually... starting from the day the announced the UPSR result last two weeks.. how time flies.. and i was tight up with work and reports.. *uffff.... good news.. i am off the hooked.. no more reports or study for year 2010* from now onwards.. i just want to do some light reading and practice on some simulation skills... anyway.. lets do some writing here here eih..

UPSR - is it important how many A's your children scored?

Yes!.. it is important that high achievers are trained from an early age.. its important for them to score as many A's as they can. its important but its not a must. My grandmother can only accept A's in my report card.. from day 1 in school. I must be placed in the first class, i must have all A's in my report card.. and i must be on top of my class. Which resulting into of many of her trip to school... kekeke asking teachers.. bout soo many things..

I dont know if i can be like her, taking relentless trip to school making sure that her grand children are nurtured to be among the best.

anyway, high achievers.. are nurtured and its not hundred percent comes natural. I want my children to have as many A's as they can. Discussion with hubs.. A means that they understand the subject very well and work hard to understand it, B means they understand the subject but does not memorized during examination, C mean they are putting very little effort to understand and D means their lazy.. kikikikikik

i dont want to lie to my children.. unless i have backup plans (in the form of a gold mine for each of them) .. they have to realize that, life is full of test.. and making an effort to achieve the very best is indeed important :) .. and i dont want to be selfish.. overprotecting children from the real world is a selfish-act. hihi.. its a personal statement and personal opinion... as i said before.. i cannot afford to leave them with a goldmine.. and someday.. i will leave this world.... I want my children to be able to live with pride and dignity.


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