Tuesday, November 02, 2010

dream big.

:) i was raised by grandparents.. for as long as i can remember..
I have never been taught that money is everything...
but when time passes by... and school and friends came along... i started to have this ambition..

To study hard and be the best among the rest with hope that someday.. i can repay my grandparents deed.. but of course.. one cannot pay the unmeasurable price of love and care... and of course.. i need to work for living... not like any other that can turn to parents whenever they have problems.. i have none.. (at fifteen and you have never met either your mom or dad... you'll be thinking the same)

to look back into the years.. I have managed to achieved whatever i have planned so far..
went to boarding school.. (i registered myself.. went for the exam myself.. everything.. at the age of 15.. i went to the local ministry of education office etc)... then uni years... after 1 vice chancellor award and 1 scholarship to study abroad .. i managed to get myself a job.. hihi alhamdulillah... I am able to repay my *NOT my grandparents... too bad they have past away.. long before i went to uni..* mother...

and today... i wonder.. why do i have stop achieving things? i tend to slow down a bit.. and enjoying life *perhaps* my master thesis is down the drain because im too tight up with other studies... i am one year away (that is twelve months away before i can get my Ir-ship) .. sigh... I'm bored... I need challenge..

maybe a career change?

whatever it is... i refused to become ordinary.

but maybe this pause is good.. Allah has planned it all. (i have managed to reached some milestone in life..getting married! and be my hubby sort of catalyst more of a critique actually.. ngeeee! go baby!!!) .. looking forward for a good year.. 2011.. will be a good year for me Insyallah..

p/s: last month managed to get another debt settled.. yippeee... alhamdulillah.. sikit2 i'll be in my financial free world.

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