Tuesday, July 15, 2008

my baby pink drowned*

my first birthday gift!! it was my first love... and it was perfect.. its PINK.. it's slim.. and the most important thing is.. its from my love!! and there it was.. lying helplessly.. at the bottom of the toiletbowl...... i stood watching while trying very hard not to pee!!!!!! damnation*&(*^*..
last person whom i know that loses his phone in the same tragic manner is Ching!!! and i think i laughed at him!! urghhh now when it does happened to me... i think i knew how ching had felt... aiya!!!!

double damnation!!! i cant help but feeling miserable over the matter.. now i am a proud borrower(err.. ada ke borrower) of baby blackie..

i am so sorry baby!! thank god you are soo cool about it... tho i think he might have pinched me.. but he didnt... instead he choose today to say thats the price of not listening to his advice..aiyaaaa.. i am indeed miserable!

anyway.. finish two days course on reliability.. again... i am feeling weary (just knowing that there are papers on power system equipemnt evaluation using FORM) erk!!!!! triple damnation***

i need to keep calm now!!! i will be prepared for it.. i will... and i will try my very best!!

hiks hiks owh btw.. i think i want to do my PhD in BATH... hiks hiks

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