Sunday, January 30, 2011

wet sunday.. Family and Fullhouse..

aduh... bila dah hujan sehari suntuk.. dari pagi sampai petang... mmg wajiblah kita panggil wet sunday...

its been raining all day.. up to this entry was made.. :)

after subuh prayer.. i was adamant not to fall asleep again.. hah!! jgn harap!!! lepas buatkan hubby milo.. i went straight to bed again.. hiks hiks... woke up at 11 something something hahaha *dush* habis sudah pagi ku yang bermakna..

harini went to checkout abang... my furballs who is currently with my uncle.. rindu sgt dah dgn budak gemuk tuh... anyway... uncle promised to cook me his special lamb claypot.. (ahahahah one of a plus thing being pregnant) almost anyone will ask you... (what do you want to eat? just tell me!.. kikikikikik) alhamdulillah... dapat rasa claypot kambing uncle yang sedap tuh...

its a fun day with family... my beautiful little family... except for apis and bib.. everyone was there.. including pakcik's family and nek esah... hihihi short story come handy here.. (pakcik married to my aunty's younger sister.. pakcik is nek esah son and nek esah is my grandmama best friend.. uncle is pakcik's best friend.. a relationship lasted till these days.. we are not blood related in anyway but it is bonded with a marriage relationship.. hiks hiks hiks )

eat, drink and laugh... i sent puan yasmin home.. and make our way back.. on the way back.. suddenly hubby said.. *erm feels like eating sumthing sweet... teringat plak brownies chillies and tony roma's nyer lava) tapi mmg lah malas nak ke the curve.. altho its only few minutes away from our home...

we finally agree to check out Giza.. hihi sebelah umah je nih.. tapi tak penah jejak kaki...

Sunway giza is ok. tu je takde nak comment lebih2.. hihi cuma rasa selesa untuk jalan n makan n bawak baby nnt sebab mcm tak crowded and pastu dia open air.. and ada kipas besar yang i think its functioning rather than only an aesthetic feature mcm byk bgnan ada.. kudo's to the sunway giza owner..

:) had brownies and profiteroles at fullhouse.. errr... ok ok aje lah makan kat situ... nnt baru upload gambar sebab malas.. miahahahaha.

i have many things in my head to write.. just need sometimes to let it out.. hmmmm bila tu?

oh! oh!.. next week ingat nak buat detail scan baby... cant wait nak tgk muke baby.. tapi nervous jugak.. but doctor kata ... its for our own good.. gi je lah check..

Saturday, January 29, 2011

i need them to do this!!!!!

I need my furballs to learn to do this!!!!
then my hubs life will be easier..

Thursday, January 20, 2011

:) oh baru separuh kerja ku siap..

i usually have this list to do on off days.. the usual list i would say.. clean, cook and wash..

tak sempat nak cuci toilet, cuci dapur lagi... huhu baru settle with cooking n washing!!! huhuhu...
kekekek but now.. i'm resting.. sebab kaki ni takleh nak berdiri lama lama... dah start lenguh2 dah nih... hihihi -

alhamdulillah.. all praised to Allah..!!! syukur.. masih leh masak n kemas2.. with the help of hubby-baby of course.. kekekeke dia dah jadi tukang sapu n vacuum.. and cat-taker.. he took care all the furballs.. dah 6 bulan stgh dah.. dia sorang2 je yang kemaskan sangkar kucing.. hihi.. i only help bila nak mandikan furballs je..

byk menda nak kerjakan kat rumah ni.. preparation nak hidup bertiga.. the planned is to have the house organized betul2.. gonna move the office to the guest bedroom then jadikan office guest bedroom.. kena bagi selesa sikit.. nnt umi atau mama sure nak tido 2 3 mlm... and bila berpantang nnt takde lah sibuk2 sgt... (oh i'll be having my confinement at my own home aje.. puan yasmin keje.. my sister pun pantang kat umah sendiri.. hiks hiks.. puan wan maliah la.. yg akan dtg tolong tgk2.. hiks hiks) alhamdulillah.. tak harap byk pun kat mak mentua.. asal ada org tua.. ok dah.. lagipun umi dah tua.. takde lah nak dia buat mcm2.. kekekekek buat syarat penyedap hati kekekek kalau ada emergency atleast ada org tua kat sisi.. weekend nnt suh lah puan yasmin plak jaga anak dia.. ahahahahah

kalau tak tolong jaga during confinement that doesnt mean that my mom is less better than any other mom... hihi... nasib baik hidup ni i live dgn org2 yang tak kuat mengata.. masing2 faham dgn tanggungjawab masing2... tapi if i know lah ada yang mengata my mom.. mmg siap lah.. akan ku *slap *slap mulut longkang itu... hiks hiks...

i love my mommie-monstah.. ahahaha eventho she always drive me crazy and almost over the edge.. but she is my mom.. sampai mati she is mom.. hiks hiks...

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

juggling between two blogs..

hihi i have been juggling between two blogs nowadays! :) saja je merajinkan diri buat preggy-blog..
just for the exclusivity.. ngeee.... right now..munchkin epic journey is where i pour all my heart contentment about my darling baby... and tips and all.. (ada ke? ahahahaha more of writing down my pregnancy experiences)..

tapi when having two blogs ni.. kepala pun boleh blank.. which story goes to which.. kikikikikik

ha hamek!

whatever it is... 'little life' is still my priority.. :P

I still feel his absence..

sigh... i dunno how the boys and his wife cope up.. but i still feel his absence...

I need to have him around so that i know he will verify and acknowledged my work.. i dunno whether this understanding of mine is right or wrong.. I have books.. loads of 'em.. but i need him to verify some unclear things in my head.


Monday, January 17, 2011

hari bermalas2an.. sudah habes.. tapi saya masih malas!

I am one LAZY pregnant lady.. haha..

bgn pagi.. sidai baju, buat breakfast (milo, scramble egg and bread tu je) , mandi2 kejut2 hubby... 'jom pi keja...'.. sampai office kul 10.30 (ahahah hari ni saya agak awal... *clap *clap.. very proud of myself...) lama dah tak masuk pagi2... tu agaknyer rezeki (bonus) kurang masuk tahun nih... although we are in the niche market.. we r having quite a slow 2011 beginning.. aha! why is that so? since the government is no more looking for grid expansion..and T** is trying to get their engineer to really practice engineering - hence.. the ultimate office vacation for me.. but ok.. i think. its good atleast i can practise my simulations skill and do some reading before the great wave..

anyway... :) i need a holiday! huhu saya mau pigi holiday!!!

:) well while surfing looking for fantastic places o spend with wife n future baby... tetiba teringat!
alamak... insurance untuk baby belom survey lagi...

i am thinking of taking Prudential Prumychild.. :) dah ask for a quotation.. so nnt dah dpt quotation.. i'll do the review.. on baby punya insurance scheme..

Friday, January 14, 2011

yay its friday!!!

hari ini saya mau berdating sama chenta hati saya.. miahahahahahhaha
and after so long - perpisahan yang terlampau lama...

i will indulged on this..

ihiks ihiks...

Thursday, January 13, 2011

bila kemalasan melanda..

i'm bored. im stuck in the kingdom of boredom! kekekekke time tgh tak sibuk nih... dulu mulut duk kumat-kamit.. bilalah boleh duduk makan gaji buta main2 pusing2kan mouse kesana sini.. hahaha bila tiba saatnyer... mmg tak reti nak buat apa...

i'm drafting a technical course schedule for engineers.. and i'm bored.. haha... so what do engineers wants to know.. hihi.. despite of doing consultation work. i train engineers, lecturers and students on technical aspect of power system.. something that might be forgotten or not even taught at uni's..

:) hihi *yawnnnnnnn* ... rasa nak balik pulak...

Monday, January 10, 2011

tup tup dah almost mid Jan..

kadang2 bila dah sibuk.. tak sangka masa tu cepat sgt berlalu..
dah 6 months pun pregnancy..
hoping for things to go well..

but the most important thing is..
as long as we are together
masa susah dan senang.

Friday, January 07, 2011


quite weeks in APS lately.. :) hihi i think i love it... NOT!... i love when i'm busy.. at the moment all that i can do is.. read read and read... and reading has become me least favorite thing.. ahahahaah call me lazy i dont care.. but reading is good!

when i started working in this office there were just 2 women engineer .. and when 1 left the company.. there's only me. i am the alfa-female.. and i am being accepted in the all-male-consultant-circle. I have my usual tea time with the boys, have my ping-pong session, futsal and all.. and this is not the first time i'm being the alfa-female.. I was the only female engineer in my department back in my old workplace too. :) i dont have problem working with the opposite-gender.. they are fine..

but I am not proud at all being alfa-female in male dominated circle.. I loss my female-relationship-skill.

ha ha... demmit.

Today.. i have another 2 women engineer working for the company, but being quite a senior (haha position dlm company structure sahaja... i'm still an engineer aka kuli-batak) i have been relocated to the 'other-side' with all the seniors.. stuck in a room.. alone. thus.. still not helping me with my women-pr problem. ahahahaha.. yes i do talked to them.. but i just do small talk.. thats all.. *sigh*

i like fashion - but my liking is not normal, I like cosmetics... i love collecting 'em but not so much in wearing 'em.... i like artist and entertainment.. but i dont go crazy about them..

i LOVE football. -period- i LOVE politic. *sigh* so this make my topic of discussion very limited.

i find many women like to curse and all.. in their daily conversation.. this too limit my circle of friends.. since i dont curse. even the word *sial - people used to end the conversation with is sound filthy to me* - how?

haha this entry is going nowhere actually.

I am just trying to figure out.. how am i going to develop interpersonal skill with my own gender.. may 2011 will bring good tries.. making friends and all.. perhaps.. ahahahah...


i'll be an alfa-female again...

there will be a boy coming living with me n hubby-baby.


disclaimer: *alfa=alpha

Thursday, January 06, 2011

hihi thank you nuffnang!

ok ok... this is not even an advertorial blog.. its a personal blog that entails our life journey together.. we decided to join nuffnang and make some bucks (ahahahaha kalau adalah) since the small traffic and we have no followers.. the blog is not intended to have followers pun... its just me and hubby!... but alhamdulillah... walaupun tak byk.. our personal journey entries.. pays out.. kikikik and we received our first nuffies cheque yesterday.. takdelah ratus2.. jauh sekali ribu2... hihihi but its cool!! you got to do your normal routine entry.. pastu leh dpt duit sekali.. comel kan.. thank you nuffies..