Friday, January 07, 2011


quite weeks in APS lately.. :) hihi i think i love it... NOT!... i love when i'm busy.. at the moment all that i can do is.. read read and read... and reading has become me least favorite thing.. ahahahaah call me lazy i dont care.. but reading is good!

when i started working in this office there were just 2 women engineer .. and when 1 left the company.. there's only me. i am the alfa-female.. and i am being accepted in the all-male-consultant-circle. I have my usual tea time with the boys, have my ping-pong session, futsal and all.. and this is not the first time i'm being the alfa-female.. I was the only female engineer in my department back in my old workplace too. :) i dont have problem working with the opposite-gender.. they are fine..

but I am not proud at all being alfa-female in male dominated circle.. I loss my female-relationship-skill.

ha ha... demmit.

Today.. i have another 2 women engineer working for the company, but being quite a senior (haha position dlm company structure sahaja... i'm still an engineer aka kuli-batak) i have been relocated to the 'other-side' with all the seniors.. stuck in a room.. alone. thus.. still not helping me with my women-pr problem. ahahahaha.. yes i do talked to them.. but i just do small talk.. thats all.. *sigh*

i like fashion - but my liking is not normal, I like cosmetics... i love collecting 'em but not so much in wearing 'em.... i like artist and entertainment.. but i dont go crazy about them..

i LOVE football. -period- i LOVE politic. *sigh* so this make my topic of discussion very limited.

i find many women like to curse and all.. in their daily conversation.. this too limit my circle of friends.. since i dont curse. even the word *sial - people used to end the conversation with is sound filthy to me* - how?

haha this entry is going nowhere actually.

I am just trying to figure out.. how am i going to develop interpersonal skill with my own gender.. may 2011 will bring good tries.. making friends and all.. perhaps.. ahahahah...


i'll be an alfa-female again...

there will be a boy coming living with me n hubby-baby.


disclaimer: *alfa=alpha

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