Sunday, January 30, 2011

wet sunday.. Family and Fullhouse..

aduh... bila dah hujan sehari suntuk.. dari pagi sampai petang... mmg wajiblah kita panggil wet sunday...

its been raining all day.. up to this entry was made.. :)

after subuh prayer.. i was adamant not to fall asleep again.. hah!! jgn harap!!! lepas buatkan hubby milo.. i went straight to bed again.. hiks hiks... woke up at 11 something something hahaha *dush* habis sudah pagi ku yang bermakna..

harini went to checkout abang... my furballs who is currently with my uncle.. rindu sgt dah dgn budak gemuk tuh... anyway... uncle promised to cook me his special lamb claypot.. (ahahahah one of a plus thing being pregnant) almost anyone will ask you... (what do you want to eat? just tell me!.. kikikikikik) alhamdulillah... dapat rasa claypot kambing uncle yang sedap tuh...

its a fun day with family... my beautiful little family... except for apis and bib.. everyone was there.. including pakcik's family and nek esah... hihihi short story come handy here.. (pakcik married to my aunty's younger sister.. pakcik is nek esah son and nek esah is my grandmama best friend.. uncle is pakcik's best friend.. a relationship lasted till these days.. we are not blood related in anyway but it is bonded with a marriage relationship.. hiks hiks hiks )

eat, drink and laugh... i sent puan yasmin home.. and make our way back.. on the way back.. suddenly hubby said.. *erm feels like eating sumthing sweet... teringat plak brownies chillies and tony roma's nyer lava) tapi mmg lah malas nak ke the curve.. altho its only few minutes away from our home...

we finally agree to check out Giza.. hihi sebelah umah je nih.. tapi tak penah jejak kaki...

Sunway giza is ok. tu je takde nak comment lebih2.. hihi cuma rasa selesa untuk jalan n makan n bawak baby nnt sebab mcm tak crowded and pastu dia open air.. and ada kipas besar yang i think its functioning rather than only an aesthetic feature mcm byk bgnan ada.. kudo's to the sunway giza owner..

:) had brownies and profiteroles at fullhouse.. errr... ok ok aje lah makan kat situ... nnt baru upload gambar sebab malas.. miahahahaha.

i have many things in my head to write.. just need sometimes to let it out.. hmmmm bila tu?

oh! oh!.. next week ingat nak buat detail scan baby... cant wait nak tgk muke baby.. tapi nervous jugak.. but doctor kata ... its for our own good.. gi je lah check..

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