Sunday, August 31, 2008

i'm back... and its ramadhan already! obama for candidacy

alhamdulillah.. selamat sampai ke malaysia... It was a very hectic trip.. from getting baju for baby adhwa, then gi cari wedding favors lagi!
owkay.. my wedding card is PERFECT.. sgt sgt cantik!!! we bought 2 design! yang agak keras mcm booklet for the dewan.. and a very classic card for home!! i love it... i do!! anyway.. i have tonnes of story to write... hiks hiks

yerp.. the flight was ok, except that i still feel the intensive pain in my head, ear and jaw during touch down!! might be due to *iduntknow* but then again.. i think its all because of he sudden change of preassure! i had the same pain when i came back from langkawi! but hey.. when things are not permanent.. then i think its ok. we reached abg's palce in PLUIT... around 10 pm!.. hiks hiks .. little that we know that abg new apartemnet is located in the heart of 'MIAMI'... large mansion-like home... everywhere... people 'park' their boat outside their home.. cool kan!!
that nite abg took us to pisa i think lupa plak nama restaurant tu.. italian restaurant in the heart of jakarta! i like the live band.. and yes.. my theory is right! that all indonesian can sing!!!!

day 2 Pluit-mangga 2
we plan to go to mangga 2 today.. for the wedding favor scouting.. and we off to get few booties for adhwa. owh and baby decided to have pizza for lunch.. second day in jakarta!! i still hadnt have the chance to have some real indonesian food!!I bought some groceries that day.. hiks hiks i'm going to cook my instant nasi goreng (still no nasi uduk or nasi timbel!! *tempe* *tempe*! that nite abg had to entertain mandala coo candidate.. his friend back in malaysia.. *boleyka saya juga bekerja untuk mandala air? (*-the macet i think i can dig jakarta!! but then again.. i hate the authority... *corrupted authority)

hmmm the wedding favor costs only about rm1-rm2.00 which is very cheap!!! hiks hiks... that nite we did not go anywhere.. since it is our planning nite! tomorow we will be off to bandung and yes... we still have not decide on the mode of tranportation to choose.. *travel in style.. in the silverbird would costs us a fortune!... aaaaa.. pak tjipto suggested t take the shuttle *some sort of a van! or mpv.. which to is a big no-no... then that nite abg suggested to us to take the train instead! and he guide us to take the train from the gambir station in jakarta to bandung...

day 3 : Gambir-bandung
we took the 11.30 train *argo gede* erkekekeke comelnyer nama.. to bandung. the train executive class isnt that bad after all... ada passenger packet which include a mineral water, a sweet bun and kek lapis.. *wohoo and very spacey as well... nak melunjur tergolek etc etc.. silekan... and at the price of rp49,000.. cheapkan!!!!

model terbaru argo gede! ahahahah baby with the train tix... the 3 hour journey was fabulous... i like the landscape through my coach window.. mcm travel gi exotic places plak.. with all the green landscape everywhere..

we arrived in bandung approximate 2.21pm... it was quite a journey and we had the best nasi goreng ever *kaya dgn ajinomoto!!! miahahhahahaha

so.. we off to jalan cihampelas, and dago to shop for adhwa's item... alahai susahnyer carik baju baby! but for adhwa! anything bolehla

baby in front of parisj van java, cihampelas

day 4: bandung pasar baru
owkay!! its d day!! things to get from pasar baru is the wedding card, baju nikah, baju bertandang, baju mommy baju,kak ni, baju iza, and kain hantaran, telekung and sejadah!!! omg!! first stop is the kedai kain.. i had trouble choosing the right material for my baju nikah and i finally chose the french lace... * aaaaa my baju nikah will cost me thousand when its finished!! i am not going to brag about the french lace.. but i think its worth it.. and i worth the french lace.. and baby love it he said its perfect. I matched the french lace with tafeta.. the material use for wedding gowns! and sorry no pictures for the card and all the textiles! ahahahah nak tgk datang to the wedding!
baby got me telekung sulam bukit tinggi... owh our wedding card we chose 2 design. 1 for the dewan and 1 for kemaman/klang.. phuh... we didnt opt for printing so we bought a blank card so we got the card for 1.70 and 2.20 each. kira oklah.. we managed to save about 50% on the cards... alhamdulillah...
anyway.. yang paling best is dat i got to eat GURAMI... last time tak bleh nak makan since umi tak mkn ikan..
of to gambir that evening!!

bandung station

day 5: pluit-carrefour-mangga2-jimbaran bali
harini takde mood nak gi memana.. since we had 70Kg's of things to bring back!!! aaaaaaaa cedey cedey... so what we did.. we went to get a weighing scalefrom carrefour and plan... for next day departure. abg dah kirekan.. that we have to pay about rm700 ringgit!!! demness* oopssss tapi takpe.. my brilliant mind try to think the best way of bringing the stuff home... hiks hiks 30Kg into the cargo and the rest .. we'll bring as our handluggage.. nasib baik mende takj besar... cume berat...
that nite.. abg belanja mkn kat jimbaran bali 2.. hiks hiks.. seafood dia best sgt.. we had ketiping -*ketang, and cumi cumi and ikan .. aaaaaaa best sgt.. slurrrppppp dah meleleh air liur mengenangkan cumi cumi yang best tuh.... last day we went to shop again at mangga2.. tak serik lah ni.. but nafsu membeli dah habes... got tshirt for salam and sarung bantal nikah... penat dah tersa on our last day... our flight tomorow will be at 6.25 am....

day 6: pluit-soekarno hatta

i woke up at 3.30 in the morning! nak nangis rase thinking of all the things i'm bringing back.. we bid farewll to abg.. and we left him with anither 17kg of envelopes!!! ahahahahah sian abg.. and we are off to the bandara!! so slong jakarta.. till next time!!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

off to get few things

well.. setelah penat bekerja bertungkus-lumus-lumuih... i'm off to get few things for the wedding! hmmm alhamdulillah... the protection setting was finalised (finalised) after months of discussion... new project when i came back nnt!

owh.. and the kenduri over the weekend was great!!! alhamdulillah.. berjaya memasak dalca and ayam masak merah!! mama kata owkay sudah lulus!!!! ahaks yipppeeeeee!!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

my shoes and bag... miamiamia

soon to be mine.. but ni baru survey survey je dulu... since belum buat keputusan lagi.... hiks hiks peluh2 baby!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

testing on my new pinkycam

my work station from the eye of pinky cam!!! setelah di program oleh hiks hiks sgt cantek gambar yang diambil oleh pinky cam!! digabungkan dgn keupayaan memprogram peringkat ke10 MonsterAdib.Inc and my natural talent... the pictures taken were superb!!!

uncle and MonsterAdib.Inc

and the most talented with

hari yang agak best!

Monday, August 18, 2008

monday morning..

weekend was fun! and tiring and fun filled with activities and i a shopping treatment! miahahahah hantaran 3 down (8 more to go!!) anyway anyway! katil bilik pengantin pun dah decide.. am waiting for baby utk design the bilik! hiks hiks and for us to start on the work! many needs to be done since i took over that room! anyway anyway!
bought clarks heel for only RM50!! can u imagine that!!! and bought ummi's sandal.. and the montblanc pen and i-touch.. and i got myself a digital camera.. a pink digital camera.. which i think is a good bargain.. .. sgt cantek pinkycam ku!

anyway anyway.. i am happy... things are not perfect but alhamdulillah we got each other! and that's the most important thing! that i have my baby with me and that we have our family with us!
i am blessed... hiks hiks i am blessed with my work(loads of em), i am blessed for my family (tho they are really sometimes cud drive me mad), I am blessed for baby ( that we have a healthy relationship.. arguing is healthy!! ahahhaha but i know he loves me).. thing is.. life is not perfect... and just embrace it..
writing about blessed! ... CONGRATULATION CHONG WEI!! hiks hiks we actually need a motivator.. i guess he could have won the gold medal.. if he could overcome the nervousness!!! anyway!! i knew he could do better.. so next time (tho i am really dissapointed.. i really would like him to win.. it really can patch up this silly racial thing in malaysia!! 1 thing that can bring us malaysian togetehr.. is that.. we could embrace our differences and that we should realise that we only got each other!!)

there it was! .... smart!!!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Alhamdulillah.. the hard work pays

dah seminggu duk merungut byk kerja.. tapi bebek kata.. kene syukur buat kerja dlm aircond!! bayang org buat keje dlm panas,...

I love my job .. hate it (when i have abundance-not-going-to-finish job) but hey alhamdulillah...

anyway.. been busy for the whole week!!!! need to complete the gebeng project and i am about to succumbed to lethargy-ness.. not having the most energy to use on daily basis.. dah dry out.. cant even think much but my head keep on spinning wanting to pour down all my thoughts on the report.. and wanting to improve.. (ahahahahaha.... duk tak puas hati jer... tu g bebek selalu marah)

i cant even sleep at nite hukhuk... i kept turning and tossing... reminding that myself need to rest and let the body to re-energize.. but the feeling of not having to complete on time is killing me....

i need to go for a holiday!! i miss my bebek.... and alhamdulillah.. bebek dah siapkan kerja di kemaman... hiks hiks and he came bek in one piece tu yang penting!!!

p/s: hiks hiks.. well i have been promised to go and secure all my project payment inorder to get my Big 'B' .. i did.. and manage to secure all of 'em.. and alhamdulillah... all the hard work.. mental tortures.. back pain... pays out!!

BEBEK I AM SORRY...... PUK LA SAYA BEK... miahahaha i love you

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

haih... cantiknyer ....

hiks hiks .... cantiklah.... cantiknyer....

one for me and one for baby! yeay!! and this is hantaran no '2'

Monday, August 11, 2008

my soul

love spoken here....

i had a great weekend ngan baby.. altho for only a short brief of time.. but hey... baby is coming back this wednesday for good! ekekekek so what did we do on saturday? we paint ahahahah .. my baby is soo talented isnt him.. (ngelat... si comot yang nak main ngan paint sebenarnye!!) with hidung yang meleleh leleh.. (shian bebek....)

on sunday.. bebek dah start keje... haih... will write more on baby adhwa's nyer first day out... and mommies nyer lunch treat kat marche..
and presenting adhwa at 14 days!!! he is soo lovely isnt he... my baby my precious nephew!!! hiks hiks... muhammad adhwa afeef.. its 25 in french

bebek.. harvesting his chandu... miahahahahah (ahaks... well baby.. we grow the poppies someday.. and u can enjoy this moment for real... )

my morning face! ahaks.... i wish i can swim with the kois

Monday, August 04, 2008

and here i am.. never been more in love.. ekekek


i love you!

dewan bankuet *ngeeeeee

rite.. we have two choices.. rumah atau dewan.... so here

this is the dewan bek... ok ke? yang ni they make it quite simple... tak pakai cover kusi semua.. very basic look at the dewan.. and here's the picture kalau kita pakai sarung kusi etc etc

not bad lah kut eik.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

i'm sorry bek

I am sitting in my room trying to finish my switching studies! I have completed the simulation but need to fine tune the result! As I lay on my bed.. I just can’t stop helping thinking about baby… I have to admit I was being ‘difficult’.. Maybe the distance.. Or maybe the hormone is kicking in! I should have well noted that he is very tired on his day long work.. And the work took most of his energy...
Anyway.. I should not complaint.. he called me whenever he can.. And he text! And hey.. What more can you ask rite?
I am sorry baby …
We had our conversation on the wedding preparation.. guess we are not going to take all the guests outside of shah alam… the banquet hall is perfect.. but I have a heavy task.. reassuring baby that banquet hall is ok rather than having the reception in KL
My list of things to do kept changing!! Aha.. but anyway.. we have agreed on the overall theme! From my khatam to nikah and to the wedding reception!! Now all I have to do is assuring mommy that nikah and berinai besar can be done together.. and she have this disapproval on her face.. and she asked me why? Why can’t we have a separate berinai besar!!!!! .. and I think she wanted a green theme for my berinai besar.. alahai.. duk belek… bunge telur hijau! Adeh! Ahahah I dunt mind really.. she kept telling I am the last daughter.. pasni terima menantu jer.. so she wanted something extravagant.. takde lah grant.. tapi she wanted it all… sib baik lah tak mintak mandi bunge.. itupun tadi dah suh jumpa nenek tukang urut before the wedding
Omg.. today at kak noni’s, she wanted to have a kenduri before the fasting month and she wanted to have tents and tho somebody is getting married.. and its only tahlil… (aaaaaaaaaaaaaa…..) mommy!!.. and I tadi.. terpaksa lah I play role jadi daughter garang.. since kak noni dah kerut dahi.. slowly.. I said to my mom.. ‘ma.. khemah satu cukup.. tahlil je pun..’
Hiks hiks nak buek cemana… can’t live with her.. And we surely die without her.. tho sometimes she is not as young as 5 years ago when its kak noni’s wedding and that she have me all the time.. To make slave off..
List hantaran pun dah finalised! Yeay! Miahahaha me as my uncle asked for serba satu.. so all my hantaran kenalah ada baju persalinana, kasut bag,makeup… cincin ekekekek and for baby!! i have a perfect gadget prepared for him!
Hantaran should be a gift! A special thing that you want your love one to have! Its those thing that you seldomly get for yourself!! So kawen hanya sekali!! Indulge yourself

Friday, August 01, 2008

friday.. and i am a one love sick fella!

gosh babyku.. bila kamu nak pulang ke selangor.. !!!
anyhoo.. today wasnt much different .. submitted 3 reports to zaharul to check.. and currently i'm updating the transient switching studies... and i havnt even started on the line modelling to use for the impedance scan! i hate my work.. i love my work... hate it.. love it.. aaaaaaaaa

call the vet this morning to check on adik... she was given medication for the isospora and no more loose stool.. dah boleh walk steadily! alhamdulillah!! but she show some sign of jaundice..

i'm taking abang, snowy and comot to see the vet tomorow.. to get abg isosopra vaccination (hopefully just 2 dyas medicainment .. since i hate giving abang medicine.. he loathe 'em.. and the fact that he is geting bigger and fatter each passing day!) and snowy and comot will get their bcg tomorow.. ekekekeke

so if you people outhere decide to have a pet.. make sure u take full responsibility.. its not a one day job.. or only whenever feel like playing or having them.. its a life time commitment... ha..

most of the time my cats do not giving me much trouble.. its one of those days when 1 of them fell sick.. all in a day life tu jer..

and the cats misses you too lah bebek.. takde sape nak main2 layan abg bermalas malasan atas sofa!