Friday, August 15, 2008

Alhamdulillah.. the hard work pays

dah seminggu duk merungut byk kerja.. tapi bebek kata.. kene syukur buat kerja dlm aircond!! bayang org buat keje dlm panas,...

I love my job .. hate it (when i have abundance-not-going-to-finish job) but hey alhamdulillah...

anyway.. been busy for the whole week!!!! need to complete the gebeng project and i am about to succumbed to lethargy-ness.. not having the most energy to use on daily basis.. dah dry out.. cant even think much but my head keep on spinning wanting to pour down all my thoughts on the report.. and wanting to improve.. (ahahahahaha.... duk tak puas hati jer... tu g bebek selalu marah)

i cant even sleep at nite hukhuk... i kept turning and tossing... reminding that myself need to rest and let the body to re-energize.. but the feeling of not having to complete on time is killing me....

i need to go for a holiday!! i miss my bebek.... and alhamdulillah.. bebek dah siapkan kerja di kemaman... hiks hiks and he came bek in one piece tu yang penting!!!

p/s: hiks hiks.. well i have been promised to go and secure all my project payment inorder to get my Big 'B' .. i did.. and manage to secure all of 'em.. and alhamdulillah... all the hard work.. mental tortures.. back pain... pays out!!

BEBEK I AM SORRY...... PUK LA SAYA BEK... miahahaha i love you

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