Monday, August 18, 2008

monday morning..

weekend was fun! and tiring and fun filled with activities and i a shopping treatment! miahahahah hantaran 3 down (8 more to go!!) anyway anyway! katil bilik pengantin pun dah decide.. am waiting for baby utk design the bilik! hiks hiks and for us to start on the work! many needs to be done since i took over that room! anyway anyway!
bought clarks heel for only RM50!! can u imagine that!!! and bought ummi's sandal.. and the montblanc pen and i-touch.. and i got myself a digital camera.. a pink digital camera.. which i think is a good bargain.. .. sgt cantek pinkycam ku!

anyway anyway.. i am happy... things are not perfect but alhamdulillah we got each other! and that's the most important thing! that i have my baby with me and that we have our family with us!
i am blessed... hiks hiks i am blessed with my work(loads of em), i am blessed for my family (tho they are really sometimes cud drive me mad), I am blessed for baby ( that we have a healthy relationship.. arguing is healthy!! ahahhaha but i know he loves me).. thing is.. life is not perfect... and just embrace it..
writing about blessed! ... CONGRATULATION CHONG WEI!! hiks hiks we actually need a motivator.. i guess he could have won the gold medal.. if he could overcome the nervousness!!! anyway!! i knew he could do better.. so next time (tho i am really dissapointed.. i really would like him to win.. it really can patch up this silly racial thing in malaysia!! 1 thing that can bring us malaysian togetehr.. is that.. we could embrace our differences and that we should realise that we only got each other!!)

there it was! .... smart!!!

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