Sunday, August 03, 2008

i'm sorry bek

I am sitting in my room trying to finish my switching studies! I have completed the simulation but need to fine tune the result! As I lay on my bed.. I just can’t stop helping thinking about baby… I have to admit I was being ‘difficult’.. Maybe the distance.. Or maybe the hormone is kicking in! I should have well noted that he is very tired on his day long work.. And the work took most of his energy...
Anyway.. I should not complaint.. he called me whenever he can.. And he text! And hey.. What more can you ask rite?
I am sorry baby …
We had our conversation on the wedding preparation.. guess we are not going to take all the guests outside of shah alam… the banquet hall is perfect.. but I have a heavy task.. reassuring baby that banquet hall is ok rather than having the reception in KL
My list of things to do kept changing!! Aha.. but anyway.. we have agreed on the overall theme! From my khatam to nikah and to the wedding reception!! Now all I have to do is assuring mommy that nikah and berinai besar can be done together.. and she have this disapproval on her face.. and she asked me why? Why can’t we have a separate berinai besar!!!!! .. and I think she wanted a green theme for my berinai besar.. alahai.. duk belek… bunge telur hijau! Adeh! Ahahah I dunt mind really.. she kept telling I am the last daughter.. pasni terima menantu jer.. so she wanted something extravagant.. takde lah grant.. tapi she wanted it all… sib baik lah tak mintak mandi bunge.. itupun tadi dah suh jumpa nenek tukang urut before the wedding
Omg.. today at kak noni’s, she wanted to have a kenduri before the fasting month and she wanted to have tents and tho somebody is getting married.. and its only tahlil… (aaaaaaaaaaaaaa…..) mommy!!.. and I tadi.. terpaksa lah I play role jadi daughter garang.. since kak noni dah kerut dahi.. slowly.. I said to my mom.. ‘ma.. khemah satu cukup.. tahlil je pun..’
Hiks hiks nak buek cemana… can’t live with her.. And we surely die without her.. tho sometimes she is not as young as 5 years ago when its kak noni’s wedding and that she have me all the time.. To make slave off..
List hantaran pun dah finalised! Yeay! Miahahaha me as my uncle asked for serba satu.. so all my hantaran kenalah ada baju persalinana, kasut bag,makeup… cincin ekekekek and for baby!! i have a perfect gadget prepared for him!
Hantaran should be a gift! A special thing that you want your love one to have! Its those thing that you seldomly get for yourself!! So kawen hanya sekali!! Indulge yourself

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