Friday, August 01, 2008

friday.. and i am a one love sick fella!

gosh babyku.. bila kamu nak pulang ke selangor.. !!!
anyhoo.. today wasnt much different .. submitted 3 reports to zaharul to check.. and currently i'm updating the transient switching studies... and i havnt even started on the line modelling to use for the impedance scan! i hate my work.. i love my work... hate it.. love it.. aaaaaaaaa

call the vet this morning to check on adik... she was given medication for the isospora and no more loose stool.. dah boleh walk steadily! alhamdulillah!! but she show some sign of jaundice..

i'm taking abang, snowy and comot to see the vet tomorow.. to get abg isosopra vaccination (hopefully just 2 dyas medicainment .. since i hate giving abang medicine.. he loathe 'em.. and the fact that he is geting bigger and fatter each passing day!) and snowy and comot will get their bcg tomorow.. ekekekeke

so if you people outhere decide to have a pet.. make sure u take full responsibility.. its not a one day job.. or only whenever feel like playing or having them.. its a life time commitment... ha..

most of the time my cats do not giving me much trouble.. its one of those days when 1 of them fell sick.. all in a day life tu jer..

and the cats misses you too lah bebek.. takde sape nak main2 layan abg bermalas malasan atas sofa!

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