Monday, August 11, 2008

love spoken here....

i had a great weekend ngan baby.. altho for only a short brief of time.. but hey... baby is coming back this wednesday for good! ekekekek so what did we do on saturday? we paint ahahahah .. my baby is soo talented isnt him.. (ngelat... si comot yang nak main ngan paint sebenarnye!!) with hidung yang meleleh leleh.. (shian bebek....)

on sunday.. bebek dah start keje... haih... will write more on baby adhwa's nyer first day out... and mommies nyer lunch treat kat marche..
and presenting adhwa at 14 days!!! he is soo lovely isnt he... my baby my precious nephew!!! hiks hiks... muhammad adhwa afeef.. its 25 in french

bebek.. harvesting his chandu... miahahahahah (ahaks... well baby.. we grow the poppies someday.. and u can enjoy this moment for real... )

my morning face! ahaks.... i wish i can swim with the kois

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