Saturday, October 24, 2009

Jakarta Trip Pt.1

oh yes... its the fifth trip... but its my first time coming to tanah abang... we were actually had nothing in mind for this visit.. hehehe so the sole purpose was to visit abang before he move to myanmar and taking umi for shopping spree. Despite all the news and rumors about indonesian ill-treatment to Malaysian... we had a good jolly time with our fellow indonesian throughout the trip. So you people out there should not need to fear on planning trips to Indonesia... its not the people whom you should be scared of... but the natural disaster.. i felt the friday quake.. and its really something!!
** on the way to pluit megamall for some charles and keith heels hunting... hihihihi......... im wearing the hijab and tshirt bought recently at tanah abang.. cool kan.. well if you r into muslimah clothing.. Tanah Abang is definitely the place for you... as for me.. hiks hiks im just trying or two... lets see hows it goes...

4th day.. aha! the long awaited bandung trip!! still its UMI's turf.. i bought a tshirt at rumah mode (i find that this the only place that u cud get the original branded item.. and baby got him a shirt.. ye ye.. he is not into shopping much... bought mommy the ususal kain batik for her collection..

anyway... i still longed for my ultimate bandung trip.. no shopping just simply a trip.. :D haih... jom lah baby.. saya nak tgk komodo dragon and tengkuban perahu.. and i longed for the hot spring bath... haih....


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Jakarta 12-17 October 2009

edisi menjadi escort kepada Hjh. Wan Maliah Binti Abdul Rahman

i will update on our Jakarta Trip as soon as possible.

3 male banshees

I may not live in a jet setting life per say, but I am quite a frequent flyer. Met a lot of different people of different background…. But nothing beats these 3 men I met yesterday. First time flyer maybe, too rude... They were laughing soo hard like a male banshee. (If there’s any.. If not they cud be the first huh…) then snores like a pig!! If it’s not because of my parents in law and my husband were there, I would definitely already sarcastically tell them about the male banshee thingy right to their faces (like I did in January.. I was soo annoyed with this men trying to hit the stewardess with his annoying banshee-like laughter.. I did asked the guy to shut it and respect other passengers)… why must there be rude people in this world. They laugh at almost everything! Even were very rude to this poor steward.. haih…

I am not difficult, but for me when one using a public transportation one must consider others..

Monday, October 05, 2009

Leena's ENgagement..

oh.. my dearest cousin to be! welcome to the family... aahahahha i wish u all the best.. :D salamat!!!
anyway, on the day.. we were told to wear something greenish.. ahahaha tgk tgk.. semua org pakai caca marba.. kekekek anyway.. oklah kot the whole lot of us are wearing green.,.. the instruction was.. to be at kak nora's house around 12.. (nih cerita cerita pasal instruction ni .. sume mai dari abg yee...) .. bg mie samapi at 10 am.. kitorg sampai @ 12 noon.. tgk2 kul 2 baru nak gerak.. aci? nasib baik ada nasi goreng kat umah kak nora..
ok.. the ceremony went well alhamdulillah.. with encik ismail screeching voice hihi but we know he meant no harm.(. suara cik yasmin pun screeching gak.)., cik wan's tetibe terjoin in the discussion... ahahaha last last they agree on everything with a majlis yang sample sample je .. Insyallah.. iykin doakan semoga semua berjalan lancar ye cik leena. Amin.

anyway.. from leena's house we went stret to bg mie's house untuk beraya... :)
baby and abg yee... MACAM org yang berpuasa. padahal abg pejal sowang je. yang puasa... :D

bg mie n bg yee.. :) kekekek the only thing that i am very unsure of when joining the family.. i dont sing!!! ish ish.. and these lots... they really can sing!!

off to dewi's... but then...

we were on our way to dewi's when baby decided to go and help his brother in law... searching for their car... Y?... because it was stolen at a carwash!!! and they managed to detect the car location via GPS. and here i am ... dah comel2 ... with my non-baju raya... round around rantau panjang looking for kak niza's wish.

oklah.. mite as well take ur own picture kan