Saturday, October 24, 2009

Jakarta Trip Pt.1

oh yes... its the fifth trip... but its my first time coming to tanah abang... we were actually had nothing in mind for this visit.. hehehe so the sole purpose was to visit abang before he move to myanmar and taking umi for shopping spree. Despite all the news and rumors about indonesian ill-treatment to Malaysian... we had a good jolly time with our fellow indonesian throughout the trip. So you people out there should not need to fear on planning trips to Indonesia... its not the people whom you should be scared of... but the natural disaster.. i felt the friday quake.. and its really something!!
** on the way to pluit megamall for some charles and keith heels hunting... hihihihi......... im wearing the hijab and tshirt bought recently at tanah abang.. cool kan.. well if you r into muslimah clothing.. Tanah Abang is definitely the place for you... as for me.. hiks hiks im just trying or two... lets see hows it goes...

4th day.. aha! the long awaited bandung trip!! still its UMI's turf.. i bought a tshirt at rumah mode (i find that this the only place that u cud get the original branded item.. and baby got him a shirt.. ye ye.. he is not into shopping much... bought mommy the ususal kain batik for her collection..

anyway... i still longed for my ultimate bandung trip.. no shopping just simply a trip.. :D haih... jom lah baby.. saya nak tgk komodo dragon and tengkuban perahu.. and i longed for the hot spring bath... haih....


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