Sunday, October 18, 2009

3 male banshees

I may not live in a jet setting life per say, but I am quite a frequent flyer. Met a lot of different people of different background…. But nothing beats these 3 men I met yesterday. First time flyer maybe, too rude... They were laughing soo hard like a male banshee. (If there’s any.. If not they cud be the first huh…) then snores like a pig!! If it’s not because of my parents in law and my husband were there, I would definitely already sarcastically tell them about the male banshee thingy right to their faces (like I did in January.. I was soo annoyed with this men trying to hit the stewardess with his annoying banshee-like laughter.. I did asked the guy to shut it and respect other passengers)… why must there be rude people in this world. They laugh at almost everything! Even were very rude to this poor steward.. haih…

I am not difficult, but for me when one using a public transportation one must consider others..

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