Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Revenge of The Fallen

it was our most anticipated movie.. we are very much inactive this year... too much obligation leads to non-premier-participating-event.. i guess i need to get on my feet and get premiers ticket like i usually do.

anyway,the movie started with sam's leaving to college! :) and the government wasnt sure that the autobots are beneficial to them.. and during this time, the decepticons made their way in getting part of all-sparks to revive NBE-1 (megatron). The Fallen is the name of a much powerful decepticons that wanted to destroy the earth in order to retain a powerful energy source.. aka The Sun... ROTF will bring you back to the history of the autobots and decepticon.. ooohhhh...i am too sleepy to write :) its almost three and i need to catch on some sleep. anyway, a very good movie to watch, good humour, brilliant 3D's and of course magnificent shia.. the movie makes you want to believe..

it still runs on the same plot, that co-existing is important in our lives... :) love the movie.. mite be seeing it again! ahaks.. ad i am assure you.. you are not going to regret watching!

p/s: you are my cosy warmer baby! i love you!

Friday, June 26, 2009


the king of pop is dead..

well.. perhaps many will write upon his death. it was a shocking news.. i am not mourning of his death..(takut terpesong akidah) but he do remind me of some great music experience.. the one that i prefer to watch rather than the too extreme sultry music videos we have nowadays..

i am enjoying chris martin of coldplay at the moment.. hiks hiks i have different music taste from my baby.. but during our courting times.. he managed to impress me with his selection of songs hiks hiks.. anyway.. i enjoy listening to coldplay now.. i guess they are such a brilliant musician .. and baby is enjoying his lagu-without-biji-butir-bunuh-kambing-punya-sect-plus-eminem

i have a month to plan for my trip.. :) ahaks... but minus all the work i need to do this month it is quite impossible to be miss-perfecto .. we might as well just grab our backpack and go round Bali like crazy couple. but hey.... i guess when we arrived in ngurah-rai. we will go directly to kuta town, the next day.. i am not going to miss the tarian encak at pura luhur at uluwatu, third day at lake batur and the fourth day i will spend the day at denpasar and the seaside.. :) ahahaah well so much of a non-planner... i hope the book i bought would be much of a help lah!

the thing is .. i am not quite sure will i get bos's permission for the leave or not. i am certainly will work like crazy consultant this month.

oh.. and i am preparing my self for ramadhan.. and biscuit baking.. :) so anyone wants to taste a traditional yummy pineapple tart.. ?? this year target xnk buat byk.. but tgklh.. kalau rajin i will take all orders.

p/s.. dh rejab... kikikik nk kene puasa ganti lg tk abes2

Monday, June 22, 2009

moi home work space

hihi.. home is almost complete.. :) .. we have three rooms altogether... and i think i haf finish furnishing all three of em.. since this house is on loan from abang.. we are not going to do any major renovation.. kekeke (next year baru carik permanent home.. as of now.. both of us think that we are in need of ground.. lots of ground for all our little munchkins to walk about... 7 cats is a lot! and we need space)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

i love you

i love you soo much ..

i have been sick for the past 5 days.. with fevers and all.. and i will start working tomorow.. oh! i cant imagine how is it going to be.. i am sooo liking staying at home.. waiting for my baby to come home.. and the early morning peck on my cheeks and forehead.. oh! and how to endure the long days.. *sigh...

i am at the moment experiencing the being-married-jolt-of-excitement hihihi.. it was quite a hectic begining for us.. and alhamdulillah.. i think things are slowly going into places..

i just want him to know.. that i have him very dearly in my heart.. and he is a part of my life.. and i love him soo much ;)

heheh happy 2 years 9 months baby.. :)

Monday, June 15, 2009

inai di jari tinggal siikiitttt jer...

i am currently in kota kinabalu!.. honeymoon? NOT!!! certainly not.. i am attending a meeting for some interconnection studies :)

i am missing my baby at the same time.. i am liking sabah! hihihi

oh gosh... how lah to sleep tonite.. when my sleeping partner is not here beside me.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

DIET... DIE with the extra T

*oh tidak!!! mahukah ku join encik adib bercycling naik bukit di bukit jelutong itu

okay.. i cant go back to my 48kG.. not with my non-coorperative-sense-of-logical-that-hell-with-being-thin-fat-is-sexy-attitude! i really really in need to reduce more kilos!.. i was hoping a good 55kG would suits me good! but where to start.. and how.. ;)

some article said.. a good dieting partner is essential in keeping the mood up and achieving goals!
oh god.,. how lah to get thin again! i dont want to be super thin.. enuf if i can get into my size 6 working attire that would be more than enough!

hmmm.. oh gosh! oh gosh! oh gosh!.. i mite as well start berpuasa!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

2 months baby!!!

we have been married for two months now! and for two months.. we never had an uneventful day! ohh.. i think we are in need of a good rest.. well hey 6 days in Bali will definitely do it! :) kekek but i will need to discuss with my boss on my vacation! i dont want him to get a heart attack or something ngeeee.... the tickets has been booked and i am doing a thorough study.. where to go n where to start the journey! :)

i will remind myself not to shop in bali! hihihi... shopping will be done in october! yehaaaaa! we are off to jakarta bandung.. n this time.. with no other intentions other than a nice family trip hiks hiks :)

trips means! i need to save every penny hiks hiks untuk maximum joyous moment! ;p tetibe gaji cam tak cukup!!! ...
anyway.. off to movies after this hiks hiks ... i am planning for my second major escape to watch transformers again this year like i did last time!

picture was taken during our fitting session! :) dulu takleh tunjuk.. kekekkeke

Tuesday, June 09, 2009


hehehe... atlast.. took me sometimes to get the time to upload the video.. waiting from faisal plak.. get ready to get into a wedding mud baby!

xoxo mrs 7

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

how is it feel to be married?

heheh i was watching ugly betty last nite despite the fact that i am not into the series too much.. anyway.. there was a scene that caught my attention... danielle was telling betty how heartbroken he was, leaving his sick gf (under the lady requests la) and betty told him.. that if he loves her, then he should be with her.. no matter what the circumstances are..

well, i could not agree more...

hehehe.. soo how is it feel to be married.. to tell the truth.. the moment when i became mrs.baby.. everything seems different. :) kekeke everything from him seems important and vital.. and it is important for me to please him :)

get ready for the miscommunication.. hehehe marriage can get really ugly at times.. kekek with you got nowhere to run! but the thing is.. when you are settled arguing. :) (mine couldnt last for a day.. ) you will find yourself.. loving your partner more.. hehehe

we are human with mind of our own.. so dont expect we will listen and agreeing to everything muahahahha i'm sorry baby

get ready to with your in-laws.. the excitement to cook or preparing things... :)

get ready for occasions...

how is it feel to be married.. :) .. i would say... i feel alive.. hiks hiks you'll be feeling al sorts of feeling that human being can endure..

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

a spicy chicken.. tuna filled jacket potato.. mushroom cream soup n garlic bread.. :) and it took me 1 1/2 to get it all done.. hihihi the chicken took longer time than i expected.. lagi pun hubby-baby sgt particular about the chicken being well-done ..
anyhoo.. my house is almost complete.. i got all the tails moved in with us and masyallah.. adik's kitten are in perfect good condition:).. got 'em all named... there's baby.. the one with the conjucntivitis... but she's getting better, ewok.. my mr smiley face.. he gave me this smiley face everytime i hold him.. (before he starts screaming laaa hihihi.. but that few smiley minutes really melt my heart), joey he is what we have hoped for.. a black mask sylvester-ish like kitten.. and finally EMMET kalau boy EM kalau girl she/he so gemok.. i still cant tell her/his gender.. she is twice the size of everybody else..
i have a slight problem with abang... he is having quite an attitude problem these days.. kept meowing day and nite! haih.. rase nak cekik cekik pun ada..! ahaks..
anyway.. looking forward to go back to kemaman this weekend :)