Wednesday, June 03, 2009

how is it feel to be married?

heheh i was watching ugly betty last nite despite the fact that i am not into the series too much.. anyway.. there was a scene that caught my attention... danielle was telling betty how heartbroken he was, leaving his sick gf (under the lady requests la) and betty told him.. that if he loves her, then he should be with her.. no matter what the circumstances are..

well, i could not agree more...

hehehe.. soo how is it feel to be married.. to tell the truth.. the moment when i became everything seems different. :) kekeke everything from him seems important and vital.. and it is important for me to please him :)

get ready for the miscommunication.. hehehe marriage can get really ugly at times.. kekek with you got nowhere to run! but the thing is.. when you are settled arguing. :) (mine couldnt last for a day.. ) you will find yourself.. loving your partner more.. hehehe

we are human with mind of our own.. so dont expect we will listen and agreeing to everything muahahahha i'm sorry baby

get ready to with your in-laws.. the excitement to cook or preparing things... :)

get ready for occasions...

how is it feel to be married.. :) .. i would say... i feel alive.. hiks hiks you'll be feeling al sorts of feeling that human being can endure..

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Dayu said...

as it only a week for me being a wife
everyhting seem to be so fine
tiada yg tidak best

*oohhh, sgt berharap kehidupan bersama in laws nanti akan sgt2 ok..