Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Revenge of The Fallen

it was our most anticipated movie.. we are very much inactive this year... too much obligation leads to non-premier-participating-event.. i guess i need to get on my feet and get premiers ticket like i usually do.

anyway,the movie started with sam's leaving to college! :) and the government wasnt sure that the autobots are beneficial to them.. and during this time, the decepticons made their way in getting part of all-sparks to revive NBE-1 (megatron). The Fallen is the name of a much powerful decepticons that wanted to destroy the earth in order to retain a powerful energy source.. aka The Sun... ROTF will bring you back to the history of the autobots and decepticon.. ooohhhh...i am too sleepy to write :) its almost three and i need to catch on some sleep. anyway, a very good movie to watch, good humour, brilliant 3D's and of course magnificent shia.. the movie makes you want to believe..

it still runs on the same plot, that co-existing is important in our lives... :) love the movie.. mite be seeing it again! ahaks.. ad i am assure you.. you are not going to regret watching!

p/s: you are my cosy warmer baby! i love you!

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