Saturday, July 04, 2009

apple compote, pancakes and scramble egg

i am definitely lazy today.. i dont feel like doing anything.. but hey... the first thing came out from monstah-orang-jahat-baby mouth is.. ITS YOUR TURN TO DO TAKE OUT THE TRASH AND clean the CAT POO... aaaaarrghhhhh.... definitely definitely a turn off on saturday morning! hhmmffsssss... and he continued his beauty sleep until half past three! can u imagine that... ^%$@^%$&^#
and thats where the apple compote, and pancakes and scramble egg became our lunch breakfast and brunch! he wanted a dried chilli prawn tonite! hmmm..
just wait and see lah.. anyway,.. i am enjoying a very nice coffee from bali.. given by moi uncle... love it!

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