Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Manchester United Asia Tour: Malaysia!

(*disclaimer: i will always be a gunners at heart... this is for you baby)

i got the tickets as a surprise for you! :) hihihi.. it was all that left.. a rm58 ticket.. :) but i am sure.. we will make full of it.. and we did!... we start the day rather late.. kekekek well saturday what do you expect.. ;) we drop first at kk to pick up salam's camera.. :) of course we need a good camera for the event kan.. tenchiu salam.. ni lah yang membuatkan kami mahu memiliki dslr..
mcm cik lina said.. its like lautan semut merah!! :) the devils are here!! hiks hiks.. anyway.. the late journey has caused us some serious parking issues.. (*me with my heels... ok its gt appropriate believe me!) we had to park our car far from the stadium and the walking took us about 15 mins.. errkkk but thank goodness for the marvelous heels.. coach ke... guess ke tetap tak dpt menandingi vincci hihihihi.. believe me.. this red crowds.. do have blue and yellow heart.. dissapointment can be heard when Malaysia XI fail to score.. and the whole stadium was soaring high when amri yahyah (ehm ehm i know van der sar too muahahahahahah) scores malaysia 1st goal.. it was tremendous fun and excitement!

oh.. there's the latest devil's no.7.. michael 'baby' owen..

us! hiks hiks what lah sayang on your face? bintik2 sana sini.. suh tutop tingkap taknk kn dh kene gigit nyamuk :)

just want to show off my devils horn :) thanks uncle zain :)
thegame was slow for us (hiks hiks) cant wait for EPL to starts on the 15th!! sudah tak sanggup mlm minggu ku sungguh sunyi :)
final score
manchester united FC Vs Malaysia XI
(*oh.. due to the bombing in JAkarta.. we are not that sure if we wanted to go to Bali.. is worth to risk everything? hmm sayang ticket flight tapi! huhuhuhu.. tapi kalau holiday dlm ketakutan sure tak best.. haih)

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