Sunday, June 14, 2009

DIET... DIE with the extra T

*oh tidak!!! mahukah ku join encik adib bercycling naik bukit di bukit jelutong itu

okay.. i cant go back to my 48kG.. not with my non-coorperative-sense-of-logical-that-hell-with-being-thin-fat-is-sexy-attitude! i really really in need to reduce more kilos!.. i was hoping a good 55kG would suits me good! but where to start.. and how.. ;)

some article said.. a good dieting partner is essential in keeping the mood up and achieving goals!
oh god.,. how lah to get thin again! i dont want to be super thin.. enuf if i can get into my size 6 working attire that would be more than enough!

hmmm.. oh gosh! oh gosh! oh gosh!.. i mite as well start berpuasa!

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Kamel&Eta said...

g london management..ekeke