Thursday, July 31, 2008

thursday! adik masuk ward

my adik was diagnosed with toxoplasma-ish isospora gastrointestinal parasites! haih sian kat adik.. tadi dr. put her on drip! she looked very tired.. but hopefully the treatment is on time.. but dr said please bear in mind that she might not make it.. aaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! i was about to cry! but i need to be brave for adik and for the fact that i need to go back to the course!

anyway! i am so sorry for adik.. i shud have taken her to the clinic yesterday! hope its not too late!

today is the last day of the pscad/emtdc course.. well hopefully they will gain much knowledge altho i have to admit.. they had some serius case of CRASH course.. sian gak tgk uncle2 tuh struggle.. but hey.. they can do it

i myself are struggling... HOW am I GONNA concentrate on MY MASTER.. whne my work has taken most of my days!! aaaaaaa....... just take today for an exmaple...

boss: you have completed the frequency scanning?
me: *smile proudly.. yup yesterday itself (see course and doing study at the same time...)
boss: how do you model the impedances...
me: what? what impedance?
boss: do you take directly from pscad translated model..
me: yeah! just like the usual!
boss: ermm i want a new want i want you to model all the long lines.. PLUS all the short lines are to be frequency dependent. and err what time is our meeting tomorow..
me: ok. 10 am. (when the truth i was yelling!! why dont you tell me earlier!! i did 30 contingency cases!! 30!!! up to n-3!) aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

guess my nite will fill with modelling!! ^%*^%*^£(

cemana nak study!! HOw am i going to study... when i have too many things to do!!!!!!! sometimes i ask myself.. what are the others for? when only some of us have to work very hard for the company!! but then again.. when we work.. we should not ask such stupid question! aha.. so i guess the question will just end here...

i should be grateful i have work to do! meaning i have job! and i earn my living.. haih.. bestnyer kalau takyah kerja!!..

bek... saya nak pencen awal... hiks hiks and semoga cita cita kamu untuk saya tidak perlu bekerja full time menjadi kenyataan.. amin amin amin...

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