Monday, January 17, 2011

hari bermalas2an.. sudah habes.. tapi saya masih malas!

I am one LAZY pregnant lady.. haha..

bgn pagi.. sidai baju, buat breakfast (milo, scramble egg and bread tu je) , mandi2 kejut2 hubby... 'jom pi keja...'.. sampai office kul 10.30 (ahahah hari ni saya agak awal... *clap *clap.. very proud of myself...) lama dah tak masuk pagi2... tu agaknyer rezeki (bonus) kurang masuk tahun nih... although we are in the niche market.. we r having quite a slow 2011 beginning.. aha! why is that so? since the government is no more looking for grid expansion..and T** is trying to get their engineer to really practice engineering - hence.. the ultimate office vacation for me.. but ok.. i think. its good atleast i can practise my simulations skill and do some reading before the great wave..

anyway... :) i need a holiday! huhu saya mau pigi holiday!!!

:) well while surfing looking for fantastic places o spend with wife n future baby... tetiba teringat!
alamak... insurance untuk baby belom survey lagi...

i am thinking of taking Prudential Prumychild.. :) dah ask for a quotation.. so nnt dah dpt quotation.. i'll do the review.. on baby punya insurance scheme..

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