Monday, April 19, 2010

kusangka kan sakit kepala sebab kerja banyak.. rupa rupanya..

kekek to date i have lost a number of spectacles due to too many unforseen circumstances (ahahhaaah its all my fault) haih.. lately i have too many reports to look at.. and reading without glasses is definitely a health hazzard!!

today, without hesitation i took my last pair of contact lens and TADAAAAAA (niat dlm hati nak simpan in case of emergency..) !!!! my headache is now gone!! definitely this answers to my headaches these past few weeks..

now, one thing that is always a problem with me and the bloody (*ooppss) contact lens is the *something in your eyes* irritating feeling.. hummmppphhh for the sake of my pounding head.. layankan saja the irritating feeling till i get my hands on those lovely spec.. *bek saya janji i will not loose it or sit on it or step on it or kekekke *


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