Monday, January 11, 2010

wedding walk-in song.. :)

video 1: thats my bro in law.. and bob.. hubby's best friend singing the walk in song.. :) (rehearsal time)

hiks hiks its lunch (ahahahah memberi alasan pada diri sendiri) and i tod of posting some wedding video's .. taken by myself and baby's cousin.. ( so bukan professional work.. hiks hiks using a HD HDD videocam)

well... during walk-in - first selawat recitation by my bro-in laws uncle.. then followed by the walk in song.. i love the selawat!!! oh gosh sgt touching... and bob sang perfectly that nite. :)

anyhow.. for those who are planning for a hall/hotel wedding dinner.. the bride and groom walk-in is one of the important part! :). im not good at giving tips.. hiks hiks not a good organizer.. but for cost saving.. and you wanted something different other than a pre-recorded song.. find friend or relatives that can sing! hiks hiks beg if you need to..
video 2: thats hubby's cousin and cousin's wifey.. singing one of 3 songs during the dinner time :)

very very fortunate to have em. anyway.. im looking around for a good inspiration on the hantaran making for abg adi...

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