Thursday, January 07, 2010

time for myself.

hmmm... its not my new year resolution.. i have stop making one... for many years.. but of course..
im going to be thirty this coming may! oh gosh!!

i have important dates to meet before May 12! ... the nearest is the the most dreaded one! somewhere in of hubby's gf is gettin married. i always find myself unmeasurable in terms of look with hubby-baby's girlfriends.. (ok .. most of them are hot chicks) kekekke and sometimes.. due to the self-esteem-disorder ( i always find i m more reliable, smart and funny but not beautiful (but of course i'm extraordinary-ly cute) )

so, lets make this a 6 weeks plan! :) to get me one size smaller (miahahhahahha ) my never ending journey of gettin that 48Kg's of mine back.. but hey.. i dont need to be 48kg.. 55kg is enuf (bORRRRiiiiingggggg.... oh gosh she always whine about her weight)

now, back to the entry 'title'.. time for myself.. i want my own time.. 'iykin-time' hiks hiks.. what is iykin time?

1. time to have my coffee shot alone. :) at my fav place. (i don't have so-called best friend to spend my day with.. yeah alone is good)
2. time to exercise... (yeah i should consider this more seriously...)
3. time to read journals article..
4. time to learn fardhu ayn.
5. time to learn new things..

:D i want this so called my-time... now.. and even when have my own family to raised...

hmm.. is this too much to ask from oneself.. i guess not.. but ... of course.. lets do less talking and put more action on it .. :)

reasons for wanting my own time.. i just dont want to forget who i am... not when im married.. not when i have children to raised... i have watched many women lost half of their life for others.. forgetting their own dreams just to be loved and wanted... and i pray .. i am not one of them. (deep thinking here! hiks hiks) watching women trying to be what their not just to get one man attention.. so whats love when love you love is not love at all?

but whats love?

anyway: i need to get organised! hiks hiks... oh gosh.. my house is mess... so i need to organised everyhing beforehaving my own time. :)

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