Monday, January 11, 2010


yep yep.. when i saw fatimah abu bakar as one of the jury.. i definitely think that there would be a bias result.. with the best friend-i-adore-the-late-yasmin-ahmad-and-hey-lets-support-one-malaysia-themed sentiment.

when i think.. Juara lagu should be some song that everyone.. (i mean everyone) consciously or subconsciously can sing to the song! :) anyway... what done is done... :)

:) hujan and bunkface should atleast won.. not yuna (kekekke :) anyhow.. i am not a die-hard supporter of indie bands) kekek i love mainstream people.. but i think their song should win like MUH did last year!

oh well... :) working hard mood is back.!!! ciao bella.

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