Tuesday, January 19, 2010

im bored. beyond words. Pt.2

hihi.. i write without any specification. This blog can be anything... a personal blog, a sharing-info-about-wedding-blog.. bout recipes.. and all.. anything.. anything that crossed my mind and i dont tend making this blog an e-mag like.. i will not make reviews for the sake of others.. :D

anyway.. i'm still bored.

and today.. i'm utilizing my lunch hour.. (not that i am the usual type of worker who uses the lunch time to do anything other than work related).. i am now thinking of thi
ngs that i would want or need to do to my home.. (its still abang's) ahaks.. but i was given a wee bit of freedom to make it almost-mine... muaahahahhahaa (*evil grin over ma face)

i love the blue wall (kekek i was about to write.. i heart my blue wall... ahahahah but till this moment i cant figure out why bloggers love to use the word 'i heart' ) ... i make my own curtain.. (yes this lady engineer. make her own curtain) .. i paint my on wall.. ahaks.. and i refurbish my dinner chairs.. i dont call myself a home maker.. but i love to be one.!

soo.. in order to get my brain out of the im bored zone.. i am going to list few things that i want/need/plan to do to my home.

1. to ask kamil to come and fix some wiring problem.. so that i could put up some wall lighting.
2. to look for that missing big mirror of hubby.. i want to fix it at the dining area.

so i'll get my dining area to at least look like this.

3. to makeover the study/home office.. better! ahahah its a mess! and i need to do something with the dirty clothes.. ..
4. to put up some pictures on the wall..

yet whilst thinking of this new project of mine.. a chicken pie recipe running into my head.. lalalalala.. what!!! oh.. n i need to do something about my kitchen.. :)

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