Wednesday, December 30, 2009

sometimes i'm glad that i live in a very small world.... and i hope that i'll be forever in it.

these past few weeks i came to realized that the world i live in is relatively small compared to others... i dont have to listen to office scandals gossip, when we sit for tea in the afternoon.. the main topic is usually the world current issues.. or just listening to adib's crazy imagination or should i say.. his creative mind, and having a good laugh at uncle zain's . (yes.. he himself.. not his joke or whatever).. ahahaha i dont have to sit with group of makciks.. talking about marriage life(how do you do with your husband in bed (yucks) , scandals and gossips... altho.. i think there are pro's and con's towards it... i only have 3 cousins ( 1 is still in secondary and the other.. i used to carry her around.. so no.. i dont talk scandals to them) mommy hates gossipping and she too dont have much of a friend (a direct result from staying abroad for almost 14 years) and we dont mingle with our relatives well (ahahahaha giler bosan my family) .. and i dont talk about personal things to my sister. i have my sister in-laws to share my passion towards edward cullen. hihi thats all.. altho i think theres a reason Allah place me in such environment... i can be very outspoken. and i hate it.

:) i am grateful. alhamdulillah.

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