Tuesday, December 22, 2009

off december! hey January... errrrkkkkk

hmmm... we are reaching the end of 2009!


abang is behaving beautifully (despite the usual EVERY-bad-traits-he-has) .. he is definitely gettin bigger. and i am suddenly feel a little bit scared of him ahahaha ... its the after effect of the bitting-incident i supposed. Messi is still at home waiting for the kind samaritan to pick him up. I got him a ball to play with.. as hubby-baby said... the luckiest cat in the house... not even cookie and joey are allowed to play in the living room.. and there he was.. running here and there... bitting, jumping, scratching... around the house.. oh oh.. adik is pregnant again.. :) ...

last two days.. snowy went missing... she really gave me a fright.!!! im not sure whether she fell off... or she just trying to have fun outside. Alhamdulillah.. we found her.. actually she found abang! (i cant wait to have a house with some land to spare for my cats.. they just love the nature.. )

well.... hmmm... :) what more to say. we might be living one more year in KD. sooooo... i got the permission to 'touch' the house... yippppeeeeeeee atlast! im off to get some paint. put up some pictures on the wall... oh yes!

still no signs of pregnancy. next year maybe. Insyallah.

no sign that the disease is going to get better... and i think it'll get worst... i have to admit... the inner urge to buy anything is very strong inside of me..

hmmm .. :) working on it! im working on it.... miaahahahahahaha

same ol same ol... im stuck in APS for life! *sigh* work meetings and anything for 2010 .. are already in... *big sigh* and doc is leaving the company... actually retiring... (hehehhe oooohhhh i wish i can retire... )

mrs lazy bumm

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