Tuesday, April 03, 2012

last entry bulan 3 apakah?

:) hahahahahhah ok ok.. i should have write more.. i want to write more... but i am busy!!! with work with baby! anyway... my baby is turning 1 very soon!!! was thinking of holding a party for him.... tapi duk jauh2 beribu2 batu nih.. mmg tak berapa nak ada mood nak buat birthday party.. kalau ada family and friends.. best sikit... ada 2011 babies lagi best... my son has 1 cousin... and 1 cousin-cousin(2 pupu) hahahha i call them the 2011 babies.. there's mr.haniff.. born in february, mr.kaliq (moi) born in april and ms.aleesha born in June... that is soo cool i dont have any cousin at my age.. (boringg!!!) anyway... will update later!!

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