Thursday, April 19, 2012

oh oh... Mr.Kaliq Nasri is turning 1!!! hihihihih

hiks hiks.. ok the birthday party is ON! insyallah... I am planning for it... kekekekke with few friends in my mind.

anyway... i am very busy.. i am being deprived from writing down entries by my own laziness ... i have been very unproductive... anyway....

life is good alhamdulillah.. moved into a new apartment (still not landed) but bigger with an extra room for kaliq the terrorizer.

anyway.. wnet to register ourselves to a new GP and put kaliq on vaccination and immunisation que...

i must say.. in terms of health facility i enjoy being in Malaysia more.. (or maybe because in malaysia.. we wnet to private practise instead of local govt practise). anyway... i like the new GP too.. mor ehomely and friendly feeling and less intimidating compared to the previous GP.

anyway.. i miss Malaysia.

p/s: what's with the occupy dataran thingy? Woi balikla belajar bukak buku.. ntah2 cgpa tak sampai 2 pon dah belagak nak free education... cheh!

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