Monday, February 06, 2012

tefal supra 7 piece cookware set - RM400 AJA!!!!

review kat amazon...

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5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic!!!, 6 Aug 2010
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This review is from: Tefal Supra Cookware Set, 7 Piece (Kitchen & Home) There are by far the best pans I have ever owned! Fantastic set of pans, great cooking results! Will recommended to anyone who is thinking in purchasing these pans

hello ladies!!

i am sending over extra 2 sets of tefal 7 pieces cookware... to malaysia.. it shoudl arrives in 7-8 weeks ..siapa2 berminat can book the item.. pay half.. n half when the item arrives...

hehehe yang lain tu org punyeeee



Munirah Ishak said...

Salam..nak tye tefal supra ni ade lg x?

MamaAshraff said...

still available? pls email me at'm interested...


7's baby said...

ladie... nnt email ke saya

tefal tu dah habis laaaaaa but i am sending a new set... tefal delight... if you interested.