Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Life and everything around it

Things do happened for a reason and as a muslim accepting things as qada and qadar is one of the six pillar of imaan. :)

I accept the fact that my father in law had passed away, in the same month i lost my doc. I will missed both of them very dearly.. And btw.. At the same month i lost my nenek. October is tragic. But no months or day is damned. I just needed reconciliation towards the lost and lets justify that october is a sad month for me.

Hub and mr.k is away in malaysia. And will only be back in november which leaves me alone. In this house. (Not safe telling you are alone ek?) .. The house is safe with all the security stuff.. Insyallah.

Mr. K is already walking i missed watching him walking around the house.. Bit clumsy here and there.

Miss my hubs too much. Distant makes your heart grew fonder? You betcha!

I feel like taking a walk at the park.. But hmmm dont really feel like it.. :)

And the idea of me time for some woman is crazy. I always thought that there is always a me time.. But noooooo no such thing as me time. When all the time you cant stop thinking of your live ones.

That is all fir now. Missing my 3/4 self.

Balik cepat sayangs.

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